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  • Colocation Pricing: Factors to Consider
    • March 27 2016

    The process of selecting a data center provider can be challenging. There are a variety of factors that come into play when selecting a facility, but on a basic level, colocation pricing and budgeting is often one of the first. The question of budget is a crucial one for businesses, so being able...

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  • Colocation Compliance: What You Need to Know
    • March 25 2016

    When researching colocation facilities, customers want to be assured that their sensitive information and equipment will be maintained in a safe, secure, and resilient environment. Whether a customer chooses to manage their data in-house or opts to outsource within a data center, staying up-to-da...

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  • Data Center Cooling: The Basics
    • March 2 2016

    When it comes to the modern data center, ensuring that a facility is operating safely and effectively is a central concern in the selection process. Due to an incredibly complex infrastructure, data centers can be very energy intensive, and as such, understanding a data center’s cooling structure ...

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  • Why is Data Center Security Important?
    • February 25 2016

    When weighing data center provider options, security is often one of the first considerations on the minds of potential customers. In order to feel comfortable outsourcing important company information, prospects will want to be ensured that their data – wherever it is hosted – will be protected...

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  • What is Data Center Interconnection?
    • February 16 2016

    Data center interconnection is one of the most important qualities to look for in a data center provider. As massive amounts of data are managed, distributed and exchanged across the globe, the nature of a successful business often relies on the stability of its IT infrastructure. However, not all d...

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