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  • What are the benefits of outsourcing your IT Infrastructure?
    blog title: 5 reasons to outsource
    • October 12 2018

    As technology gets more complex and built into our lives, outsourcing continues to generate a variety of business benefits. Not sure if it’s a good idea to outsource IT support? We are sharing top 5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing. (more…)

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  • Benefits of Data Center Remote Hands
    blog title: a helping hand when you need it
    • October 4 2018

    Making the decision to outsource your hosting to a data center can be a difficult decision. Afterall, your mission-critical infrastructure will be housed within someone else’s facility. Although it’s important to have the technological expertise to meet your needs, customer service must also be ...

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  • Managed server hosting vs colocation – which is right for your business?
    blog title: which is right for your business? managed server hosting vs colocation
    • September 20 2018

    A business’ IT infrastructure needs are unique regardless if they are a small business or global enterprise. IT solutions can be customized to fit the exact requirements needed for each business. Multiple options are available if you are looking to have your IT infrastructure off-site. Often th...

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  • How To Prevent an Outage? The Answer is Redundancy
    • September 5 2018

    Redundancy is generally viewed as something unnecessary. But when it comes to technology or dedicated hosting, redundancy is not only necessary, it is essential. It has a totally different meaning in web hosting where it means backup in practical terms. This week, in Microsoft’s case, severe weat...

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  • How To Decide On Your Colocation Service Provider
    • August 6 2018

    In order to keep up in this changing world, a business needs to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. More and more, businesses are turning to colocation providers to help them manage their networking and storage needs. Reliable performances, peace of mind, centralization of data and co...

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