CEO’s Corner: Industry Predictions for 2020

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    CEO’s Corner: Industry Predictions for 2020
    • December 30 2019

    As we stand hours away from the new decade, we are presented with the opportunity to look back on the past year and look ahead of what’s to come in 2020.

    2019 has been a year of new technology trends promising to alter our business landscape as we know it. Some trends did lay the groundwork for the coming years we look to forward seeing where it will take us in 2020.

    Cloud Computing
    We are seeing how cloud storage and digital modernization becomes increasingly important for business continuity. Moving to 2020 we’ll continue to see the growing adoption and development of cloud solutions – but the difference in this upcoming year will be that businesses will begin to look for more flexibility and alternatives. While Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are established as major cloud vendors – there is going to going to be more room again for private cloud providers to build and grow their products.

    Security & DDoS
    2019 has seen a rapid increase in the adoption of up-and-coming technologies. Smarter security measurements are needed as systems are becoming more and more complex. The first quarter of 2019 started off with an increase of 84% of DDoS attacks. In 2020 we will see more development in security and in DDoS protection. Like other cybersecurity threats, DDoS attacks are continuously evolving as cybercriminals perfect their DDoS attacks. ColoHouse will continue to develop our DDoS product in the upcoming year as well. We see that there is a growing demand towards security as many companies are taking steps towards security – by investing in technology to protect their businesses. Due to a greater need for security than ever before – there has been a rise in acquisitions by large data centers and managed service providers of IT security companies recently.

    The future of colocation
    Colocation will continue to be an important product in the industry, especially in the enterprise space. We see our enterprise level customers growing at an unprecedented rate. The requirements for colocation have and will continue to change, but what we will see are those customers with smaller requirements. Quarter and half cabinets have a decision to make when it is time to update their servers. We have seen a migration into the cloud for smaller customers – this will limit their capital expense vs. operational expense. We have seen in recent years that CFO are leaning towards an operational budget for its technology departments. In 2020, we will see the rise of hybrid colocation – where the security and reliability of colocation is meets the speed and redundancy of the cloud.

    As we head into a new decade, we expect to see some interesting developments where digital transformation will continue to impact every industry. In 2020, ColoHouse continues to provide quality always-on infrastructure, services and support.

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