CEO’s Corner: May 2017

  • CEO’s Corner: May 2017
    • May 12 2017

    Mergers and acquisitions in the data center industry continue at a rapid pace. Driven by stock prices and the continual need to grow, the industry’s largest providers expand their portfolios.

    This is not a secret. In Miami, we have seen the purchase of Telx by Digital Realty and the purchase of Verizon’s datacenter business (including the NAP) by Equinix. Now Centurylink is exiting too, selling its site in Miami, to concentrate on core business.

    The industry is moving towards larger providers, telling customers that they can take advantage of the efficiencies that accompany scale.

    But is that reality?

    Not in our experience.

    We hear common themes from prospective customers –

    • the pricing has increased
    • we are being charged Common Area Maintenance
    • the power options have decreased
    • what happened to personalized customer service and support? We no longer know our support techs.

    There are bound to be integration issues during acquisition. But, corporate headquarters of multi-billion dollar companies are driven by stock price, not local service.

    We continue to welcome new customers who want to know how service and support will be delivered. We enjoy sharing your feedback from the annual customer survey – Cerl and his team scored 100% in customer satisfaction from your feedback.

    We do not make business decisions in California, or anywhere else in the world – our business is here.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, and reiterate that the office door is always open – please feel free to come in and say hello next time you are in the facility.



    Paul Bint
    CEO, ColoHouse

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