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    Ceo’s Corner
    • September 4 2020

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    March 2, 2020

    For the last 2 years, I have promised world-class support for our customers and continued expansion and investments in our faculties and growing our presence. I consider ColoHouse to be an outstanding business partner for our customers and an extension of their business. We continue to deliver on this promise.

    Facility updates

    Maintaining our facilities is one of our top priorities. In the last few months we have made the following updates: 

    • Miami: HVAC maintenance, generator maintenance, and new batteries have been installed in UPS 2.
    • The Hague: HVAC maintenance on all units and a successful black building test in January. 
    Additionally, we have completed major updates and renovations. To read more about the updates and see pictures, please click here. We are extremely proud of the work we are doing and will continue to keep our promise to invest in the Netherlands.

    Digital Realty Enhanced COVID-19 Response Protocols 

    Effective this week, all Digital Realty locations are instructed to implement the following protocols:

    All sites will implement targeted cleaning and disinfecting of high traffic, high-touch areas daily. Additional cleaning protocols will be implemented in the event an onsite virus case is confirmed and full building disinfection or evacuation is required by authorities. 

    All persons entering a Digital Realty facility (i.e. staff, customers, visitors or vendors) will be verbally screened by security in the lobby prior to being allowed access. The screening questions will consist of confirmation of the following:

    1. Are you currently experiencing any flu-like symptoms (including fever, body aches/pain, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath)?
    2. Have you been in contact with a confirmed Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) patient in the past 14 days?
    3. Have you visited any of the following countries in the past 14 days – including Mainland China, South Korea, Italy or Iran?

    If the verbal survey results in an affirmative risk response, the individual will be asked to not enter the site and the site team will advise the main point of contact for the customer or supplier. We apologize in advance for any expected inconvenience or delays that may occur as a result of this screening process.

    Please click here to read about ColoHouse’s COVID-19 customers and facility live updates.

    New additions to the ColoHouse family

    As we continue to make investments to our facility, our team has also continued to expand both in the US and in the Netherlands. Our newest team members: 
    • Pedro Souss, Sales Director, US
    • Shivan Chandarsing, Data Center Manager, EU
    • Firas Amirullah, Student Intern in IT Management, EU

    I look forward to seeing our customers expanding and succeeding in their
    respective fields. We are always here as a resource for your teams. We will be launching our Net Promoter Score Survey during March. We have always surpassed industry standards in the data center space due to our wonderful team of technicians and administrative staff and welcome your comments. Please be on the lookout for that.

    Should you ever have any questions or would like to provide any feedback, please do not hesitate to reach me directly at

    Paul Bint

    Industry Predictions for 2020 – December 30, 2019

    As we stand hours away from the new decade, we are presented with the opportunity to look back on the past year and look ahead of what’s to come in 2020.

    2019 has been a year of new technology trends promising to alter our business landscape as we know it. Some trends did lay the groundwork for the coming years we look to forward seeing where it will take us in 2020.

    Cloud Computing

    We are seeing how cloud storage and digital modernization becomes increasingly important for business continuity. Moving to 2020 we’ll continue to see the growing adoption and development of cloud solutions – but the difference in this upcoming year will be that businesses will begin to look for more flexibility and alternatives. While Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are established as major cloud vendors – there is going to going to be more room again for private cloud providers to build and grow their products.

    Security & DDoS

    2019 has seen a rapid increase in the adoption of up-and-coming technologies. Smarter security measurements are needed as systems are becoming more and more complex. The first quarter of 2019 started off with an increase of 84% of DDoS attacks. In 2020 we will see more development in security and in DDoS protection. Like other cybersecurity threats, DDoS attacks are continuously evolving as cybercriminals perfect their DDoS attacks. ColoHouse will continue to develop our DDoS product in the upcoming year as well. We see that there is a growing demand towards security as many companies are taking steps towards security – by investing in technology to protect their businesses. Due to a greater need for security than ever before – there has been a rise in acquisitions by large data centers and managed service providers of IT security companies recently.

    The Future of Colocation

    Colocation will continue to be an important product in the industry, especially in the enterprise space. We see our enterprise level customers growing at an unprecedented rate. The requirements for colocation have and will continue to change, but what we will see are those customers with smaller requirements. Quarter and half cabinets have a decision to make when it is time to update their servers. We have seen a migration into the cloud for smaller customers – this will limit their capital expense vs. operational expense. We have seen in recent years that CFO are leaning towards an operational budget for its technology departments. In 2020, we will see the rise of hybrid colocation – where the security and reliability of colocation is meets the speed and redundancy of the cloud.

    As we head into a new decade, we expect to see some interesting developments where digital transformation will continue to impact every industry. In 2020, ColoHouse continues to provide quality always-on infrastructure, services and support.

    December 2019

    The New Year is around the corner

    As we enter the New Year it is always a good time to look at where we have come from this past year –  and look ahead to the new year. But first, let’s take a quick look back. 

    2019 was quite a year for all of us at ColoHouse – a few highlights include:

    ColoHouse has been officially certified again in SOC I & II and ISO 9001 & ISO 27001.
    As of May 31, 2019, ColoHouse closed its Spijkenisse Data Center and merged into one data center located in the EU.  We close the year with good news, as our blog has been listed as #3 on ‘’Top 10 Colocation Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2019’’ by Feedspot.

    These are the rest of the facility updates for 2019:

    • ColoHouse is working on a tech room and an updated kitchen for our customers to use in The Hague.

    • New condensers in the Miami facility is an ongoing project

    • New HVAC installed for improved cooling in The Hague

    New additions to the ColoHouse family:

    •  ColoHouse had added Jonathan Epstein as our new Global Account Manager handling all current customer relations and any questions you may have to further expand your services with ColoHouse.  Jonathan comes with an extensive background in account management.

    •  Alex Vargas joined ColoHouse as our director of business development and will be handling new business sales. Alex comes with 10+ years of experience in the technology field.

    •  Wendy Reinis joined our team as Billing Manager

    •  Rocio Arias, based in Miami has joined us as our business administrator


    We are now in an era when change comes fast and drastically. In 2020, we continue to provide quality always-on infrastructure, services, and support.

    ColoHouse is always grateful to hear from customers, so please take some time to contact us. I’d love to hear your thoughts, concerns, questions, or comments; if you have any ideas for us—please feel free to contact me directly at or call our offices and we will be more than happy to address any questions.

    As we are now at the end of the year, on behalf of the entire team of ColoHouse, I would like to thank you for your continued support throughout the year. I look forward to another busy and productive year and wish you a safe and happy holiday season!


    Paul Bint
    CEO, ColoHouse

    July 2019

    Happy July!

    As we are halfway through the year, we are both proud and excited about the many new developments completed and in-process.

    Company Highlights In The First Half Of 2019

    ColoHouse has been operative since 2007 and it has never stopped growing, changing, and improving. Our priority is to deliver fast, reliable services paired with world-class customer support. These priorities have led our executive team to make the decision to consolidate our data center locations to ensure we can continue to provide the best services and support to our customers.

    As of May 31, 2019, ColoHouse closed its Spijkenisse Data Center. By merging into one data center location in the EU, we are able to focus our team and resources on making significant improvements.

    We are excited to announce some new investments and upgrades we made to our Hague location:

    ·        Upgraded B feed main power distribution unit
    ·        New HVAC installed for improved cooling

    If you have any questions about the business or how this might affect your business, please contact me at If you have any technical questions, please contact Savvas Bout at

    Hurricane Season

    Hurricane season is just around the corner and I can’t help but wonder what might happen this year. So far, 2019 is being predicted as a calmer year. At ColoHouse we’re in the business of preparation and planning, our team closely monitors any potential threats that may be coming towards South Florida. The safety and well-being of our employees and customers, along with preparing our data center for any emergencies remain our top priorities. Please click here to access important contact information for our support and operations teams.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and trust in ColoHouse – please feel free to come in and say hello next time you are in the facility.


    Paul Bint
    CEO, ColoHouse

    January 2019

    Happy New Year and a Warm Welcome to 2019!

    We hope you celebrated the start of 2019 in good spirits with family and friends.

    Now that we’re a few days into the new year, it’s good to look ahead and think about what this year may bring us. But first, a quick look back:

    2018 was a quite a year for ColoHouse. We have spent this year focusing on merging the business, growing sales across both Europe and the US, and expanding our team with new additions to the ColoHouse family. In August we also launched our new website, brand and industry related blogs. If you missed some of them, you can read them all on our resource page.

    New Additions to the ColoHouse Family

    •  ColoHouse had added Robbin Diepeveen as Operations Manager to head European Operations. Robbin has previously worked for a current customer and has over 10 years of IT and facility experience.

    •  Daryl Singleton joined ColoHouse as our new Global Account Manager handling all current business sales. Daryl comes with 10+ years of experience in the technology field.

    •  Ahmed Al Azzawi is our Data Center Manager and will manage the facilities in The Netherlands.

    •  Sammen Qureshi has joined ColoHouse as our Marketing Manager, EU and heads the European Marketing efforts with experience in digital- and content marketing and social media

    •  Johanni Fernandez, based in Miami had joined us as our Business Administrator


    It’s amazing to see how our company is growing and I am excited to see how our employees all around the world come together as a team to provide value for our customers.

    As we look forward to 2019, we continue to provide quality always-on infrastructure, services and support. 2019 should lead to growth of our product offering and maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
    In February, ColoHouse will be hosting an open house event in The Hague for facility tours and demos of our latest products.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at or call our offices and we will be more than happy to address any questions.

    I look forward to another busy and productive year, and wish you a wonderful, successful and most importantly, a healthy 2019.


    Paul Bint
    CEO, ColoHouse

    August 2018

    New Website

    ColoHouse is proud to announce the launch of our new website and brand. In January, we merged with Netrouting, a Netherlands based managed services and network provider.

    ColoHouse has since added a full suite of managed services and locations in order to keep up with the demanding needs of our customers and the IT market.

    Here are some new services and features you can look for:

    New Services Offered

    • Access to global peering exchanges across Europe, Asia, North and South America.
    • In-house bandwidth options powered by the Netrouting Network
    • Regional geographic redundancy
    • Access via DirectConnect to Amazon Web Services
    • Access to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud
    • Private and Hybrid cloud options
    • Dedicated Servers
    • Customizable managed services packages

    New Features

    • Chat Live with Sales
    • Chat Live with Support
    • Tickets submission through the portal
    • Billing Inquiry support page
    • Add to Cart services for certain products available for instant configuration

    If you have any questions or feedback, please email our marketing team at,

    January 2018

    Happy 2018!

    We hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and is looking forward to another amazing year.

    ColoHouse has started off the year with quite a bang. In our last communication, we announced the acquisition of Netrouting, one of our largest and long-time customers.

    Now we will be able to provide our customers in-house options for bandwidth, big data, hybrid-cloud, dedicated servers, and customized project development.

    Most excitingly, this move expands our global data center footprint by adding 2 data centers in The Netherlands, as well as Points of Presence across Europe, the United States, and Asia.

    New Additions to the ColoHouse Family

    • Former CEO of Netrouting, Savvas Bout, will be joining the ColoHouse Team, as Chief Technology Officer based in Miami.

    • Roberto Vela has joined ColoHouse as Account Director. Roberto will be handling all customer relations and any questions you may have to further expand your services with ColoHouse in the US and overseas.  Roberto comes with more than 20 years of international experience in the IT space, data centers, and global IP.

    • Lorenzo Rossi joined ColoHouse as our new Sales Director handling all new business sales. Lorenzo will also be handling our agents. Lorenzo comes with 10+ years of IT and telecom experience.

    • Jim Klapwijk is the Data Center Manager for Netrouting and will continue to manage the facilities in The Netherlands.

    • Carlos Heerkes is a Data Center Engineer for Netrouting and will be managing all technical aspects of The Netherlands facilities.

    • Adrian Carralero is now our new System Engineer based in the Miami data center and will be reporting directly to the CTO.

    SOC I & II Certification in Miami Facility 

    Colohouse has been officially certified again in SOC I & II (formally knows as SSAE 16). Our audit took place in December and our report was just approved for another year. This means that we are audited annually by independent certified public accounts and our processes and control objectives are reviewed and tested with results published every year. If you would like a copy of this report, please email

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at or call our offices and we will be more than happy to address any questions.


    Paul Bint
    CEO, ColoHouse

    For more information about Netrouting and their services, visit

    September 2017

    Happy September!

    First and foremost, we want to thank you for being part of the ColoHouse Family. Please feel free to come in and say hello next time you are in the facility.

    In light of recent events and the devastation in across Florida, Texas, and Louisiana, our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by Hurricane Iram and Harvey. We can only hope and pray for the safety of the residents and all of the rescuers, and the quickest possible recovery.

    We are entering the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, and our team close monitors any potential threats we may be coming towards South Florida. The safety and well-being of our employees and customers, along with preparing our data center for any emergencies remain our top priorities.

    Please click here to access important contact information for our support and operations teams in case of an emergency.

    Hurricane Irma Update

    Over the last few days, our team has been working around the clock to ensure our data center up and running for our customers. During the storm, we had our technical team on-site and are happy to report the following

    • ColoHouse Data Center never lost power due to our redundant FPL feeds.

    • No customers were affected by the storm.

    • The curfew has been lifted in Miami-Dade County as of September 12th, and our customers can now freely access our building.


    Giving back to the community that has been so good to us is an easy decision. On July 27th, we invited the young ladies of CODeLLA to visit us. CODeLLA is a non-profit organization that teaches Latina girls between 9-13 to code and design. CODeLLA helps them explore their interest in science and technology. Most of these girls are first generation Americans or immigrated with their parents at a young age. They come from a variety of Latin American countries like Cuba, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, just to name a few.  To learn more about CODeLLA, click here to read more. We had a great day, with some very challenging questions from the ladies. We hope to welcome the next class in 2018.

    New at ColoHouse?

    We have been working diligently over the past few months to ensure our data centers are working optimally. Here is a list of the updates we have completed in MIA I & II:

    • New PDU installed for more power availability in MIA I.

    • Going green – 3 new condensers have been ordered are being installed to improve cooling and power efficiency in MIA I.

    • Keeping our promise: 100% of the support tickets submitted by our customers were addressed and resolved during the allotted time.

    Looking towards the end of the year, we are still looking to make improvements throughout the data centers. This includes improving our Cold Aisle Containment and installing a 3rd HVAC in MIA II.

    Again, thank you for your business, and don’t forget to stop in and say hello!


    Paul Bint
    CEO, ColoHouse

    May 2017

    Mergers and acquisitions in the data center industry continue at a rapid pace. Driven by stock prices and the continual need to grow, the industry’s largest providers expand their portfolios.

    This is not a secret. In Miami, we have seen the purchase of Telx by Digital Realty and the purchase of Verizon’s datacenter business (including the NAP) by Equinix. Now Centurylink is exiting too, selling its site in Miami, to concentrate on core business.

    The industry is moving towards larger providers, telling customers that they can take advantage of the efficiencies that accompany scale.

    But is that reality?

    Not in our experience.

    We hear common themes from prospective customers –

    • the pricing has increased
    • we are being charged Common Area Maintenance
    • the power options have decreased
    • what happened to personalized customer service and support? We no longer know our support techs.

    There are bound to be integration issues during acquisition. But, corporate headquarters of multi-billion dollar companies are driven by stock price, not local service.

    We continue to welcome new customers who want to know how service and support will be delivered. We enjoy sharing your feedback from the annual customer survey – Cerl and his team scored 100% in customer satisfaction from your feedback.

    We do not make business decisions in California, or anywhere else in the world – our business is here.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, and reiterate that the office door is always open – please feel free to come in and say hello next time you are in the facility.


    Paul Bint
    CEO, ColoHouse

    January 2017

    I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank all of our loyal customers; you have continued to make our success possible.

    As we embark on our 2017 journey, I am pleased to announce continual improvements to the data center infrastructure. Our focus is to provide customers with a reliable colocation partner they can count on. As part of this aim, it’s important we invest resource into both growing our team, and consistently improving the services we provide. ColoHouse will be installing cold aisle air containment in order to better protect customer equipment, and assist with airflow efficiency in our MIA 1 facility. As we continue to grow our customer base, the installation of new HVAC units will ensure service levels are met for all customers. And in order to maintain best practice security levels, the CCTV surveillance system has been upgraded. We intend on making continual improvements to ColoHouse security in 2017 and beyond as well; this is a primary focus of our SSAE 16 and SOC 2 auditing standards. In addition, we are approaching our one-year anniversary of 100% uptime SLA guarantees. We are pleased at the progress 2016 brought us, and we’re excited to be your colocation partner in 2017 and beyond.

    We look forward to making this an excellent 2017 for all!


    Paul Bint
    CEO, ColoHouse

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