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With all the attention that the internationally oriented data centers in the Amsterdam region receive, it should not be forgotten that they represent only a part of the market. Elsewhere in the country there are data centers, such as ColoHouse in The Hague, which are particularly pleased by the demand from regional entrepreneurs who are looking for colocation of modest size. Savvas Bout, CTO of ColoHouse, explains where that question comes from.

Savvas Bout points out that there are still many businesses where the IT is located at its own location and is maintained by its own staff. “The picture that this is a small entrepreneur with a small IT requirement is not entirely correct. We also see businesses with dozens of branches throughout the country that operate this way. ”For a number of reasons, where business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) are increasingly mentioned as technical arguments, this type of entrepreneur abandons the idea to be able to do everything yourself.

More personal

Because the IT footprint is modest of these types of businesses, they do not fit well with the large Amsterdam colocation data centers. Entrepreneurs based in the The Hague region will soon end up at ColoHouse. Here people are used to facilitating customers with a footprint of a maximum of one to a few racks. Whether it is about the short lead time of a quotation or the quality of support, at ColoHouse the lines remain short. When asked whether ColoHouse finds it difficult to compete with parties elsewhere who, because of their scale, can put very competitive bids on the market, Bout replies: “No, we will not lose on price. Customers even experience that we often make a better offer or can make a better supplement based on a total solution. ”

Other target groups

The fact that ColoHouse is a good address for entrepreneurs with a smaller IT footprint does not mean that it focuses exclusively on that target group. The company, now merged with Netrouting has its own backbone and data centers in several countries. For the Dutch market, that own backbone is a plus that is increasingly appreciated by all customer groups. ColoHouse offers that connectivity and services based on it such as hybrid cloud and DDoS protection, as an option for the colocation. “For many customers it is very easy to arrange everything through a party and a contact person. One stop shopping saves them a lot of time. ”

Offer for all customer groups

The own network enables ColoHouse to offer internet and point-to-point connections. An IT architecture based on twin data centers or separate locations for DR and BC is therefore also possible With this extensive service, ColoHouse is internationally active and successful. This offer, intended for the international market and large businesses is also available for ColoHouse’s regional colo customers. With this, ColoHouse explicitly distinguishes itself from the competition. It is also clearly appreciated because the growth of customers from the region continues. Colo therefore remains a pleasant growth market for ColoHouse.

[This article was previously published in the Datacenter & Cloud file 2019]

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