ColoHouse EU Facility Updates

  • ColoHouse EU Facility Updates
    • March 6 2020

    Our The Hague colocation facility has recently completed a number of significant facility upgrades. We are happy to announce some new investments and upgrades we made to our Hague location:

    – Repainted several rooms.
    – We remodeled the ColoHouse main office that recently moved to Moezel 3.
    – The previous ColoHouse office area has recently been converted into a tech room and meeting space for our customers. The room has been repainted and a new floor has been added as well (row 1, image 1).
    – Our meeting room (row 1 image 2 & 3) and common area (row 2 image 1 & 2) have been remodeled. Here customers and employees can meet, work, and socialize.
    – ColoHouse has added kitchen amenities (row 3) for our customers to use.
    – Meet Me Room has been upgraded.

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