Managed Security & Compliance

More than ever, it is essential to protect your infrastructure and data as cyberattacks and breach attempts become more sophisticated, entering from more points as the landscape of work changes. Mitigating endless threats and keeping you and your customer’s data safe takes a proactive approach to reduce the business risks of significant financial and reputational consequences.

Depending on your specific market focus, you fall within one of two security scenarios:

Build, deploy and manage a multi-layered security program (defense-in-depth).

Build, deploy and manage a multi-layered security program coupled with meeting compliance requirements.

As both of these scenarios are incredibly important for any organization, they can be costly, complex and time-consuming to implement and manage. ColoHouse is equipped to help improve your security posture, keep your data and infrastructure protected and assist in meeting your compliance standards.

IT security vs IT compliance

IT Security practices involve implementing and operating effective technical and administrative controls that:

  • Actively Protects Company Assets
  • Reduces Business Risk
  • Focuses on Current Evolving Threats and Attacks
  • Requires Constant Maintenance and Training

IT Compliance establishes a comprehensive baseline that:

  • Satisfies External Third Party Regulatory and Contractual Requirements or Security Frameworks
  • Driven by Business Needs To Enable Business Operations
  • Focuses on Past Activities and State
  • Completed with 3rd Party Satisfaction on Recurring Basis

ColoHouse Managed Security Services Strengthen Your Security Posture

ColoHouse can accommodate security solutions such as ColoHouse can accommodate security solutions such as managed firewalls, SSL VPN, DDoS protection, email security, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, malware, endpoint protection, and other services. We also offer compliance services to assist you with managing and maintaining your compliance with third-parties regulatory requirements and industry standards and frameworks such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and NIST.

Managed Firewalls


DDoS Protection

Email Security

Intrusion Detection

Vulnerability Scanning


End Point Protection

Cybersecurity Recources

Looking for more details? Download these valuable security resources for more information on cybersecurity, how to protect your business from security breaches, and how to resolve if you fall victim to an attack.

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