Meet Our Chief Revenue Officer – John Bonczek

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    Meet Our Chief Revenue Officer – John Bonczek
    • July 17 2021

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    We are pleased to announce the expansion of our executive leadership team with the appointment of industry veteran John Bonczek as ColoHouse’s Chief Revenue Officer (“CRO”).

    John assumed the position of Chief Revenue Officer (“CRO”) of ColoHouse post the acquisition of ColoHouse by fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (1547 CSR) in 2021. He has served as CRO for f1547 CSR for the last four years.

    As CRO, John is responsible for running the day-to-day sales and marketing operations of the retail colocation business as well as the creation, communication and implementation of the company’s vision, mission and strategy.

    John is a highly respected industry veteran with a reputation for successfully leading top sales organizations in the retail colocation data center industry.

    Prior to joining ColoHouse, John served as Vice President at Digital Realty Trust | Telx for 14 years, where he built one of the most successful sales teams in the industry. During his early years with Telx, John created the sales engineering group to provide exceptional customer support and service delivery.

    He received his undergraduate degree from Seton Hall University, where he continued in the Stillman School of Business to ultimately receive his Master in Business Administration.

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