Colohouse provides the digital foundation that connects our customers with impactful technology solutions and services.

Our managed data center and cloud infrastructure, paired with key edge locations and reliable connectivity, allow our customers to confidently scale their applications and data while optimizing for cost, performance, and security.

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We are one exceptional team on an
extraordinary mission. No matter the
problem, we come together as a collective group and find a way to deliver. We ask for help, and we offer help. Together, we produce exponential results. We win together, and we lose together. We lift each other up and do our part to be good teammates to one another.

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Our team is comprised of some of
the hardest working employees in
the IT infrastructure space, but we
are people first. We understand that
people are more than just a number
or a title. We are real people with
interests, families, and lives outside
of work. We encourage people to
thrive personally and professionally.
We communicate respectfully and straightforwardly with one another.

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Our team believes in creating
the best experience we can provide
to our customers, vendors, partners
and team members within the organization. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure every interaction with a member of the Colohouse team is efficient and thoughtful, with a little bit of WOW sprinkled in.

Our Strategic Pillars

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Develop teams that over
communicate clarity and hold
themselves accountable to
Core Values.

Colohouse reputation

Deepen our identity to
establish our reputation in the
market as a trusted advisor.

Colohouse reliable

Deliver flexible, reliable, and
solutions and services
by prioritizing the customer’s
needs first.

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”Our curated team of leaders are united under the mission to have great technology powered by great people. Our team defines our products and shapes our culture by living our Colohouse Core Values.” 

Jeremey Pease, CEO

Corporate Timeline

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