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Simplicity and performance matters when it comes to adopting cloud hosting services. Many IT teams have received a cloud mandate to look for the shortest, simplest path between local servers and hosted resources. The challenge? Expanding cloud markets means greater complexity, so how do companies find best-fit cloud hosting services that meet existing needs, scale up on-demand, and make it easier for IT to deliver mission-critical software and services? Before the journey can begin, IT teams need to identify what cloud strategy will deliver on expectations. Which shoe fits the best – private, public, or hybrid cloud?

Colohouse’s Private Cloud Powered By Pure Storage®

Case Study: Colohouse Builds a Scalable Storage Service Platform
See how we fueled rapid expansion and needed to replace its costly and inefficient storage solutions nearing end-of-life, the firm chose Pure Storage®.

What Cloud Works For You?

Private Cloud

Private cloud offers what many businesses need most in their IT infrastructure — control. From security to provisioning, resource allocation to user access, private cloud solutions eliminate the need to compromise when it comes to cloud services — you get exactly what you want, the way you want it. Achieve security, flexibility, compliance, and performance.

There’s no “right” industry for private cloud services. Compliance-focused organizations such as those in healthcare, law or finance benefit from rigorous security controls, while those in e-commerce and retail enjoy the advantages of dedicated, flexible resources. Put simply, if you’re considering the cloud, private hosting can work for you.

Public Cloud

Why public cloud? If you are looking for a lower cost solution that removes the purchase of hardware and software, the public is a great match. You will only pay for the service you use and can avoid costly IT management and maintenance fees. Public cloud also provides the ability to scale on demand to keep your systems and business moving as you need.

Public cloud is considered a multi-tenant environment, which means sharing infrastructure, network, and storage with other businesses – this is what helps keep costs lower than dedicated private cloud instances.

Hybrid Cloud

The right solution often requires a combination of different infrastructure architectures. Our Hybrid Cloud Solutions allow you to incorporate equipment you own, hosted solutions, and elastic components to create the best-fitting environment for your needs.

Creating a true hybrid solution requires expertise in computing, storage, networking, security, virtualization, operating systems, and various software solutions. You’ll also need engineers who are experts in data center operations and rock-solid 24/7 support that can resolve any issues that may happen at a moment’s notice.

Hybrid cloud solutions allow you to find a middle ground that works best for your IT environment instead of forcing an either/or choice that limits overall utility.

Cloud Services

Cloud Features


Have questions or need to add services? Our team is available by phone, chat, customer portal, or email 24/7.


Our failover system is rock solid to be there for you and your business. This system will ensure continuity of service by migrating your server to another node should disaster strike.


After configuration, we hand over the keys and let you take it from there. Regardless of where you are, you always have full access to our portal to manage your cloud.


Powered by Colohouse Connect, there are no more long load times. Our infrastructure is managed more efficiently, so it adjusts to the needs of your business.


Our cloud hosting allows you to add or adjust your capacity and space as you need it. Special project or long-term expansions? We have a plan that is right for you.


We know time is not always on your side. At Colohouse, we make sure our team gets you up and running within 24 Hours.

  • Colohouse Cloud is a public cloud powered by VMware
  • Colohouse utilizes PURE Storage SSDs delivering high performance and reliability
  • Independently scalable RAM/CPU & storage
  • Linux and Windows Computing
  • Secure cloud data storage entirely hosted in USA
  • Guaranteed performance stability

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