725 S. Wells Street, Chicago

ColoHouse Colocation Data Center: 725 S. Wells, Chicago

The Chicago data center market is among the top 5 in the World for the most optimal locations based on high-demand categories including: fiber connectivity, market size cloud availability, disaster risk factors (minimal), infrastructure, and more. Making the ColoHouse data center at 725 S. Wells Street an ideal location for your overall IT and colocation strategy.  

As one of our two top-tier Chicago data centers, 725 S. Wells Street maintains N+1 redundancy and numerous connectivity options, including over 400 Gbit/sec of redundant capacity to our 350 Cermak location and a building meet-me-room (MMR) connected to Zayo, Cogent, Verizon, CenturyLink and more. 

Chicago Colocation

Full colocation options are available for your business needs. from individual cabinets to private cages and suites, our Chicago data center can customize the right space.


Customized Solutions

Our team of experts can create customized solutions to solve any business need or challenge. Together, ColoHouse can work with you on any temporary or long-term projects.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services allow you to leverage our team to monitor the day-to-day management of your systems, networks, and devices so your team can focus on your core business.

About our Chicago Data Center

725 S. Wells Street Highlights 

  • 6,000 sq. ft. of dedicated data center space with support for at least 600 kW of power 
  • Built to Tier II standards (N+1 redundant power and environmental systems) 
  • Numerous network options inside the facility 
  • Over 5 MW of utility power capacity provided via three separate substations 
  • Two fiber vaults and around a dozen networks present on-site with over 100 networks via cross-connects 
  • Minimum UPS capacity of 15 minutes (at full load) 
  • Diesel generator with fuel on-site for multiple days of operation 
  • Power density of up to 16kw per cabinet 
  • Experienced systems engineers available to help with issues or technical concerns 
  • Strong security controls with proximity card and biometric access controls, 24/7 camera monitoring 
  • VESDA particulate detection, clean agent extinguishers, pre-action dry pipe sprinkler for fire protection 
  • SOC 2 audited to ensure necessary quality controls in the areas of risk management, logical access, change management, data security, and data availability to protect financial reporting 

Why Colocate With ColoHouse?

Our state-of-the-art data centers in Chicago are complemented by a broad portfolio of cloud, managed storage and backup, disaster recovery, and managed security services. The 725 S. Wells Street data center is ideal for customers that have 100% power and network availability requirements but need a more affordable price point. 


Our ColoHouse Chicago data center is in an optimal location for latency-sensitive applications, business continuity, and disaster recovery. Our blended internet connectivity provides our customers with the speed and reliability needed for businesses.

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Colocation and Managed Services

What is Colocation

Colocation is a hosting service offered by data centers and web hosting companies to let you place your computer servers and other IT hardware in a secure, redundantly powered high-speed Internet-connected facility. There are many benefits that colocation service offers compared to hosting your own IT infrastructure on-site, such as higher up-time, increased network performance, lower cost of operation, and superior capacity expandability. In addition to space and power, many colocation providers offer a variety of managed services and hybrid cloud/colocation options.

Room for Growth

Colocation allows you to expand your infrastructure to fit the needs of your business growth without having to take on capital expenditures. If your business grows, your IT infrastructure can expand to support it quickly and with less investment. In a typical in-house IT environment, if you suddenly needed to increase your bandwidth. you could wait weeks or months from your cable or local Internet company. When your IT infrastructure is stored in a colocation facility, you can turn up massive amounts of bandwidth within minutes or hours; bandwidth capacity that can be more than 10,000x that of a typical office cable Internet connection is readily available inside any colocation facility.

Maximized Uptime

The cost and consequences of downtime are the reason why uptime is so essential. When a business is experiencing downtime, they aren’t able to provide service to their customers

Colocation data centers provide multiple back-ups and disaster recovery options to keep services running during power outages and other unexpected events. Leveraging colocation services, your IT infrastructure is housed in our redundantly high-speed Internet-connected facility, with continuous power provided by industrial UPS battery systems and on-site diesel generators for emergency backups. Our 100% uptime Service Level Agreement supports our commitment to delivering reliable colocation services to our customers.

Cost Savings

The cost of managing an in-house data center and IT infrastructure with the same up-time capabilities of the enterprise-grade power, Internet, and cooling systems, can be higher than the cost of renting space at a colocation data center. Colocation service plans are a comprehensive package, providing built-in benefits such as support, security, redundancy, and connectivity at either a bundled or reduced cost compared to on-site hosting.

Security and Compliance

Colocation service leverages the physical security of the data center you place your equipment in. With ColoHouse colocation you get the peace of mind knowing that the facility is secured with video surveillance, 24 x 7 on-site guards as well as biometric data center access, combination cabinet access, and cage access by key. ColoHouse is committed to operate facilities that meet the rigorous compliance needs of businesses internationally. From small and midsize businesses to global corporations, we undergo annual, independent, and in-depth audits of our control activities – including data center standards such as SOC 2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001.

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