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The Power of Public Cloud

The public cloud is the future of streamlining business operations. It offers limitless scalability, exceptional flexibility, and advanced data storage resources. By incorporating the public cloud into your IT strategy, your business processes can be streamlined, and productivity will improve like never before.

what is public cloud?

Public Cloud: Third-Party Hosting Environment

Public cloud is a form of cloud computing in which a third-party provider hosts applications and stores data in a shared, virtual environment, supplying access to this unique computing resource over the internet. This means businesses don’t have to worry about the hassle of managing these computing resources and the costs associated with maintenance. Embracing the Public Cloud can lead to a transformative impact on businesses, enabling them to build more efficient enterprises. For small businesses and startups with limited budgets, the public cloud offers considerable advantages, as it is a cost-effective alternative to traditional hosting, providing access to extensive computing resources.

advantages of public cloud


Cloud Readiness Plan

By creating a cloud readiness strategy, businesses can ensure a smoother migration to the cloud, especially if they are missing comprehensive documentation of their systems. Key elements to consider include network specifics, equipment age, IT system and application inventory (including dependencies), disaster recovery and backup plans, and business processes. Detailed information in these areas will significantly enhance the preparation for a successful cloud transition.

Choose The Right Provider

Choosing the ideal cloud provider requires a deep grasp of your organization’s unique requirements. Key factors to consider include diverse service offerings, on-demand scalability (storage and computing), flexible pricing options, robust security (encryption, access controls, audits, testing), strong infrastructure with redundancy, a reliable support system, and comprehensive details about pricing models and associated fees.

Estimate Costs

When estimating costs, you must identify as many pre-migration details about the application’s current on-premise prices and system performance data. This will help determine the right sizing of the cloud infrastructure and provide a comparison showing existing on-premise vs. future cloud costs. Take into account any long-term contracts or commitments that might be necessary and the possibility of price changes over time. Having a clear understanding of the costs upfront will empower you to make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your budget.

Migration Data Security

Ensuring data security during cloud migration is crucial. Conduct a security audit of your cloud provider to verify their robustness. Other measures include phased migration for better control, backing up critical data, using encryption and authentication tools, restricting access, and wiping drives and servers. By being cautious and organized, your critical data will remain safe throughout the migration process.

Public Clouds Available

colohouse amazon web services

Amazon Web Services

Utilizing Colohouse InterSite Connect services allows you to connect safely and directly with the leader in public cloud services, Amazon Web Services.

colohouse microsoft azure

Microsoft Azure

Colohouse provides a secure, direct connection from you to Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.


Don’t have the expertise or time to figure out your public cloud environment? Let Colohouse assist you! Schedule a consultation with our engineers today to explore the benefits of our public cloud services. We’ll plan the ideal environment, giving you control to run and grow your business.

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