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Our Phoenix data center is a perfect fit for enterprise clients who require a strong data center infrastructure for their mission-critical applications. The center occupies an expansive 85-acre campus with multiple buildings. Additionally, it is located in one of the safest areas in the country, free from natural disasters like seismic activity, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their valuable data is stored in a secure and stable environment. The Colohouse Phoenix data center is in an optimal location for latency-sensitive applications. Our blended internet connectivity provides our customers with the speed and reliability needed for businesses.


Cloud services are crucial for businesses as they offer scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. In Phoenix, the availability of cloud services is particularly significant for businesses due to the region’s unique benefits, including reliable infrastructure and favorable business conditions. This availability ensures data accessibility, disaster recovery, and enables companies to leverage advanced technology solutions, ultimately supporting their growth and operational efficiency.

Colohouse Private Cloud Compute and Storage

Private cloud computing and storage are integral components of modern business operations, offering crucial benefits and significance. These services provide scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, allowing businesses to access and utilize computing resources and store vast amounts of data without the need for on-premises infrastructure. The importance lies in the ability to handle diverse workloads, from simple tasks to complex computations, meeting varying business needs – are you looking to:

  • Enhance Data Sovereignty: Private cloud offers higher data security and control, which is ideal if your organization has strict compliance and data privacy requirements.
  • Customize and Control: You will be able to tailor infrastructure and resources to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and resource allocation.
  • Help Meet Regulatory Compliance: Best fit for businesses in industries with stringent regulatory requirements, such as healthcare and finance, as the private cloud can provide the control needed to help meet compliance standards.
  • Scale When Needed: Your private cloud will utilize capacity management, which is easily scaled to accommodate growing workloads and changing business needs, providing flexibility without compromising data security.
  • Improve Performance and Reliability: Since each private cloud deployment is a custom build, you can achieve better performance and reduced latency due to dedicated resources, redundant systems, and network infrastructure.
  • Predict Costs: Your private cloud with Colohouse provides more predictable costs as a fixed long-term operational expense model for budgeting, as both fixed and overage costs are clearly defined upfront – no hidden costs.
  • Isolate Resources: Benefit from dedicated computing, guaranteeing resource isolation, preventing “noisy neighbor” issues, and maintaining consistent performance even during peak loads.
  • Optimize Resources: Enterprise-class virtualization technology optimizes infrastructure resources and virtual machine performance, often reducing the amount of infrastructure needed to run applications.
  • Enjoy Hassle-free Software Licensing: Forget about having to manage Microsoft, VMware and other licensing costs and transfer risks associated with license auditing and reporting – we handle for you.

Benefits of Private Cloud

  • Built on best-in-class Dell servers and high performance Pure Storage hardware designed per your requirements
  • Flexible management options including Colohouse managed (through the OS) and client managed
  • Colohouse provided and managed VMware hypervisor
  • Windows Licensing included or BYOL
  •  Dedicated or shared Infrastructure
  • Market leading SLAs
  • OpEx vs CapEx
  • No vendor management or maintenance expenses
  • N+1 Redundancy, no single point of failure
  • Redundant and flexible bandwidth connectivity options
  • Backend networking (cross connections)
  • Advanced security and threat management available as an option

More Services Available in Phoenix

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Phoenix Colocation

Full colocation options are available for your business needs. From shared colocation to mega-watt footprints with office suite space, our Phoenix data center can customize the right space.

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Customized Solutions

Our team of experts can create customized solutions to solve any business need or challenge. Together, Colohouse can work with you on any temporary or long-term projects.

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Managed Services

Our Managed Services allow you to leverage our team to monitor the day-to-day management of your systems, networks, and devices so your team can focus on your core business.


At Colohouse, we offer Managed Services, Private Cloud Solutions and Colocation space that suit businesses of all sizes, including small enterprises, service providers and global corporations. By utilizing our cutting-edge facility and technology, you can customize your hardware, software and networking to meet your specific needs, while leaving the supporting infrastructure to us. Our clients choose Colohouse for our scalable solutions and top-notch customer support. With redundant networking, power and cooling, we ensure that your services are always available and online. Our priority is to provide the infrastructure, services and support you need, so you can focus on your core business and allocate resources where they matter most.

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