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  • What Are the Business Benefits of Colocation?
    Blog header: what are the business benefits of colocation
    • July 31 2019

    Today, businesses have more options than ever when it comes to managing their business critical information. As technology continues to evolve, the question of how to best manage larger and larger amounts of data in a corporate setting has become increasingly common, and for many, colocation has e...

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  • The Importance of a Hybrid Data Center Strategy
    • July 24 2019

    As technology advances, businesses are adopting infrastructures that help agility and improve efficiency. With the increase in global data center traffic, the nature of storage is changing as it’s become one of the most important assets to any business.  (more…)

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  • Is DDoS Protection Still Needed?
    Blog header
    • July 18 2019

    DDoS attacks have become the number one thread to business continuity over recent years and unfortunately in 2019 - DDoS remains an ever-growing problem. (more…)

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  • CEO’s Corner: July 2019
    Image of Paul Bint, CEO of ColoHouse
    • July 15 2019

    Happy July! As we are halfway through the year, we are both proud and excited about the many new developments completed and in-process. Company Highlights In The First Half Of 2019 ColoHouse has been operative since 2007 and it has never stopped growing, changing and improving. Our priority i...

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  • ChannelConnect interviews Savvas Bout
    CTO Savvas Bout
    • July 15 2019

    ColoHouse is an American provider of data center space and connectivity, among other things. The Dutch contribution and locations make it an organization that deserves more prominence. CTO Savvas Bout explains what the company stands for and why it is thoroughly Dutch.  (more…)

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