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  • How Does Colocation Support a Hybrid Cloud Strategy?
    • February 22 2022

    For years colocation vs. cloud seemed like an obvious battle. Today, utilizing cloud computing and colocation together can provide you with a complete package that suits your infrastructure needs. With the security and control of a dedicated on-premises infrastructure or private cloud and with the ...

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  • ColoHouse’s Year in Review: Top 5 Blog Posts of 2021
    • December 21 2021

    On the ColoHouse blog, we have published blogs posts showcasing the very latest insights to help your way through the forever-changing world of IT infrastructure technology. As we reflect on the previous year, we’d like to thank everyone who read the ColoHouse blog in 2021. Before we say good...

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  • Infographic: How to Plan A Cloud Disaster Recovery Strategy
    • December 14 2021

    As more industries depend on IT infrastructure, a service outage can cause serious damage to your business when critical business activities are disrupted. Unlike traditional disaster recovery, a cloud disaster recovery uses cloud-based technology to automate failover to the cloud, rapidly rest...

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  • Hybrid Cloud vs. Multi-Cloud
    • October 21 2021

    Businesses sometimes struggle to understand the difference between hybrid cloud and multi-cloud. A hybrid cloud infrastructure blends two or more different types of clouds, while multi-cloud solutions involve using multiple cloud services from multiple cloud hosting providers.  What makes a...

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  • What to Consider When Moving to the Hybrid Cloud?
    hybrid cloud
    • August 28 2020

    Over the last few years we have witnessed that hybrid cloud deployments have become an important part of many businesses’ IT infrastructure. Hybrid cloud deployments offer many advantages to businesses of all sizes – let’s discuss the top three benefits of the hybrid cloud. A hybrid cloud ...

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