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  • ChannelConnect interviews Savvas Bout
    CTO Savvas Bout
    • July 15 2019

    ColoHouse is an American provider of data center space and connectivity, among other things. The Dutch contribution and locations make it an organization that deserves more prominence. CTO Savvas Bout explains what the company stands for and why it is thoroughly Dutch.  (more…)

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  • Benefits of a Carrier Neutral Data Center
    • July 11 2019

    When opting for a data center - carrier neutrality is an important factor to consider. Not only does it provide you with options when it comes to interconnectivity services, but because you can also find a solution that meets your specific needs. In this blog we are sharing the top ben...

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  • Is it Time for a Data Center Migration?
    Blog header: is it time for a data center migration
    • July 3 2019

    When your current data solution is no longer meeting your business needs, it might be a signal to consider migrating. Undergoing a migration to a new data center or colocation provider can be an intimidating task. It is time-consuming and needs to be carefully planned down to the smallest detail. Bu...

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  • Beat the Heat: Keeping the Data Center Cool
    Blog header
    • June 27 2019

    Temperatures are finally beginning to heat up as we head into summer. While most of us are preparing for the summer – for data center facilities, the summer comes with a few challenges. Too much hot air circulating in a data center can cause equipment to overheat and malfunction. Data center cooli...

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  • Why Support Matters When Choosing A Data Center
    Blog header: Why support matters in a data center?
    • June 20 2019

    You have decided to outsource your hosting to a data center and asked everything that you need to know regarding to space, security and connectivity. The technological knowledge also meets your business needs, sounds great! Wait, one last thing! What about customer support? The customer support of a...

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