Colocation Access Procedures

These Colocation Access Procedures (“CAP”) are a component of the MASTER SERVICES AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) between Colohouse and a Customer. The purpose for this CAP is to ensure the safety and security of our Data Center, the Company Network, each Customer and its Customer Equipment located in its Customer Space. Capitalized terms used in this CAP shall have the meanings set forth in the Agreement.

Upon executing the initial Service Order, Customer must complete and submit an Access List listing specific individuals who are pre-authorized to be issued security access credentials that grant access to the Customer Space. All individuals listed on the Access List must contact Colohouse Support at to schedule a time to obtain the security access credentials, including providing fingerprints for our biometric fingerprinting access system, needed to gain access to the Data Center and the Customer Space. Except as providing in Section 5 below, once the security access credentials are issued to an individual on the Access List such individual has 24×7, un-escorted access to the Data Center and the Customer Space until Customer revokes that individual’s access privilege. A Customer must remove or add an individual to the Access List by giving written notice to Colohouse Support by emailing The removal of an individual from the Access List shall only be effective following receipt of the written notice by Colohouse Support. An individual on the Access List, or subsequently added, may gain access to the Data Center or the Customer Space only after his or her individual security access credentials are obtained from us.

Under the security procedure used by the Data Center’s Landlord, an authorized individual who has not accessed the Data Center for 2 years and one day (731 days) has his/her security access automatically revoked. In such situation, the authorized individual must reobtain security access credentials in the manner described in the preceding paragraph to re-gain access to the Data Center.

Customer must designate a representative (“Representative”) that has the authority to (a) add or remove individuals from the Access List and (b) authorize guests, vendors or other employees of Customer to gain access to the Customer Space. Customer shall designate the Representative on the Access List. Customer may change the Representative at any time by submitting an updated Access List to us. We are entitled to rely on the Access List in our records until an updated Access List is submitted to us.

Guests or vendors of Customer and any employee of Customer that are not listed on the current Access List must have prior authorization from the Representative to access the Data Center and the Customer Space. The prior authorization must be provided to our customer service department by one of the following methods: (a) email from the Representative; or (b) documentation signed by Representative or an authorized individual on the Access List. The request for authorization must contain the individual’s full name, phone and email. If the authorization is obtained on-site, such individual must be escorted by the Representative or the authorized individual on the Access List while in the Data Center and the Customer Space. We reserve the right to refuse access to, or require escorted access for, any individual requesting access to the Data Center under this Section 3 if such individual is not in compliance with, or in good standing under, any agreement or other arrangement between us and such individual.

Any person under the age of 16 is permitted to enter the Data Center as long as they are accompanied by an authorized user.

To gain access to the Data Center and the Customer Space, any authorized individual on the Access List and any permitted pre-authorized guest, vendor or other employee of Customer must check in at the security desk upon arriving at the Data Center. Such individual must produce a valid government issued photo ID and comply with the other security access requirements in effect at such time to gain access to the Data Center and the Customer Space. For all authorized individuals on the Access List, the security personnel or our on-duty staff member shall verify the government issued photo ID with the Access List for the Customer. Following verification, the security personnel shall issue a Colohouse ID badge, which must be worn by such individual at all times while in the Data Center.

Upon Customer giving notice that it is terminating its Service Order prior to the end of the Contract Term (other than pursuant to a non-renewal notice) or upon a default under the Agreement, access to the Data Center and the Customer Space will be restricted until full payment of all Customer charges is received by us (“Restricted Period”). During the Restricted Period, Customer may access the Data Center and the Customer Space only during regular business hours and only with an escort. In such situation, Customer must contact Colohouse Support by emailing in order to schedule the escort. Upon full payment of all Customer charges due through the Termination Date, Customer will be granted unrestricted access to the Data Center and the Customer Space for the purpose of removing its Customer Equipment.

We have the right to modify or change this CAP at any time without notice. Upon such updating, we shall post the updated CAP on ColoHouse’s website ( and provide notice of such posting to Customer.


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