Checklist and pen

Part 2: Asset and Application Inventory

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Kick-off Meeting

As with any other vendor relationship, getting everyone on the same page is crucial in the early stages. This information is typically communicated during a project implementation meeting or call where all key relocation members should be in attendance. Reconfirm the scope of the project and sort through all items with a fine-tooth comb.

Now that your meeting is set, what should you come prepared with?

  • Identify and engage all stakeholders that may be impacted by the migration
  • Contact sheet to ensure all members of your team have proper on-line access to customer portals, as well as 24/7 onsite access and security  clearance to the data center and your new space
  • Billing contact and information
  • Ideal timeline for execution
  • Connectivity needed and preferred bandwidth vendor
    • If in a carrier neutral facility, you may have multiple bandwidth providers. Speak with the data center team about what may be the best fit for your business needs. You will have to contact the carrier directly to coordinate your bandwidth needs
    • Some facilities only offer one bandwidth provider. In this case, they will coordinate on your behalf

Finalize the Data Center Migration Plan

Before setup begins on move-in day, a quick power test and connectivity test is crucial to minimize or eliminate any downtime for your business. Testing could be easily done with a laptop, testing each power source and internet port.

If you are shipping your items to the data center, run through your checklist of purchased items to confirm delivery, catalog serial numbers, and test new equipment to guarantee functionality on move-in day.

If you are transferring already owned equipment, make sure everything is wrapped and packaged properly for safe delivery. Now is a good time to replace any worn cables or other hardware pieces.

Stay tuned for part 3: focusing on the migration planning to your new data center. Don’t forget to download our Data Center Migration Checklist.

Is it Time for Your Data Center Migration?

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