[Webinar] Beyond the Basics: Cutting Through Cyber Security Fluff

Recent years has steadily shown an increased focus on IT and Cyber Security and is now finally starting to make it to the boardrooms. What has the real-world trenches taught about what is missing and required to reduce the risk of breaches and the impacts to organizations? What is involved to recover from an actual breach? Riding a trend and moving fast to flood the market with messaging can be advantageous in industries like fashion, however in IT it often results in serious impact to businesses.

In this session, Scott Fuhriman, CISM, CISSP, SVP Cloud Services at ColoHouse, will cut through the market fluff and go beyond the basics of Cyber Security and what you can do to help reduce the impact of security breaches.


  • Security values missed in the whirlwind of marketing and sales communications that could create gaps in IT security practices.
  • Uncovering realities of what businesses can face in the light of security breaches and discuss incident resolution practices.
  • 3 items to implement that can assist in protecting against attacks and reduce the impact of a security breach.


Scott Fuhriman, CISM, CISSP
SVP Cloud Services, ColoHouse

Scott joined ColoHouse as SVP Cloud Services, bringing over 20 years of leadership experience in the service provider industry and a history of creating, delivering, and growing cloud, cybersecurity, IT, and data center services. Scott is responsible for the creation, operation, and growth of enterprise cloud services for our current and future customers. Scott has been pivotal in growing startups and established companies such as Lume Technologies. Prior to Lume, Scott spent 14 years leading and scaling technology, product, operations, and sales teams at TierPoint. Scott holds CISM and CISSP certifications.

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