Part 4: Data Center Relocation & Migration Checklist

The day is finally here! You get to move your applications and data to a new infrastructure or data center location.

Plan for everything you can think of – your setup diagram, careful assessment of IT assets, clear lines of communication between your team, your new data center team, and your customers — and experienced assistance is the best medicine that can be prescribed to keep “Murphy’s Law” in check.

How do you start planning a data center relocation?

  • Review deployment team tasks and time-lines
  • Ensure that all equipment has been delivered
  • Cable management systems needed
  • Network Design – new circuits mean new public IPs. What affect will this have on your environment?
  • Rails – check your rails; sometimes it is easier and more cost effective to purchase new rails than deal with the broken or bent rails currently in use
  • Backups – some SQL databases and/or SANs can take 12 hours or longer to completely backup. Planning a data center relocation around this timeframe can be costly in wait time; however, moving on a weekend can help mitigate this risk if you are not a 24/7 shop
  • Test network and application components before the next business day. The last thing you want to discover on a Monday morning is that your email doesn’t work
  • PDU’s – make sure your PDU is compatible with your circuit.
  • Power-down/power-up procedures – applications that are dependent on a database have very specific power-down/power-up processes. Know them.
  • Cabling – replacing the old worn-out cabling during this time just makes sense
  • Be prepared to adapt if there are changes

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Data Center Migration FAQs

What is a data center migration?

A data center migration is the process of moving select assets from one data center environment to another. It is also referred to as a data center relocation.

What are the different types of data center migration?

Datacenter migration refers to migrating an entire data center to a new computing environment. Application migration refers to migrating one or more applications from one computing environment to another. Data migration refers to migrating specific sets of data from one storage system to another.

How to plan for a successful data center migration?

After establishing the purpose for the data center migration, the next and most important step is putting together a realistic plan of execution. Transitioning to a new data center facility can be time-intensive, so be sure to allow enough time to move all equipment, applications, servers, networks, and other operational resources.

How long does a data center migration take?

The amount of time a data center migration takes depends on several factors like the volume of data and complexity of the migration. Every step should be a part of a project plan with a clear timeline.

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