Everything You Need to Know About a Hybrid Infrastructure

In years to come, we will look back at 2020 as the moment that changed everything. The pandemic has brought major change in the way companies do business. Businesses have adapted their technological infrastructure to accommodate remote working to help ensure the safety of their teams and customers.

To more effectively utilize today’s applications, businesses are looking for flexible and secure infrastructure solutions. Hybrid cloud infrastructure might be the answer.

Hybrid Cloud Explained

Hybrid Cloud is a cloud computing environment that combines on-premises data centers, private cloud, and/or public cloud services. A hybrid cloud model allows businesses to deploy workloads in private cloud environments and gives businesses more flexibility to shift applications and data between different clouds as their business needs change. Many define a hybrid cloud as the “best of both worlds.”

Why Hybrid IT?

A hybrid cloud allows businesses to scale their infrastructure between a private and public cloud when needed. The hybrid cloud solution means businesses can house their business-critical, and sensitive data on on-premises servers while offloading less sensitive data and applications to the public cloud.

When there is a shift in demand, businesses can avoid big expenditures to expand their infrastructure. With a hybrid cloud solution, a business pays for the public cloud portion of its infrastructure only when needed. Critical data is always retained in the private cloud, making it significantly easier to switch from one public provider to another. This can offer significant cost savings over the long run.

Key Benefits of Hybrid Solutions

  • Flexible – Build What You Need
  • High Availability
  • Application Focused
  • Centralized Resource and Uptime Monitoring
  • Multiple Data Center Locations
  • Single Technology Partner

Why Colocation and Cloud Align

There are plenty of reasons to utilize cloud solutions, however, many businesses are hesitant to move to the cloud. Not every business is willing or capable of putting their infrastructure in someone else’s cloud.

Hybrid cloud provides the best of both worlds. Utilizing cloud computing and colocation together can provide a complete package to achieve a true hybrid infrastructure. The security and segregation businesses  get from colocation, combined with the flexibility and performance of cloud, allows them to be more responsive to changes while utilizing any existing hardware they may already own.

The right solution often requires a combination of different infrastructure architectures. Our hybrid cloud solutions allow you to incorporate owned equipment,  hosted solutions, and elastic components to create the best fitting environment for your needs. Determining which solutions are best suited for your business and choosing the right partner is one of the most important decisions a business can make in their search for a hybrid solution. Contact us today to get started.

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