Category: Colocation

  • Critical Considerations for a Smart Data Center Selection
    • January 6 2023

    Picking the right place to house your data can be a make-or-break decision. Poorly located virtual infrastructure and data centers come with an unwelcome price tag of unplanned downtime - but, choosing wisely doesn't have to feel like guesswork. Here are four tips for evaluating whether it's worth ...

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  • Unlocking the Benefits of Colocation in 2023
    • January 3 2023

    With the complexities of a modern business, it makes sense to outsource certain operations for increased continuity and scalability. Colocation is an ideal choice - why? Read on to discover how leveraging colocation services can be game-changing for businesses looking to expand their reach. Cost...

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  • ColoHouse’s Top Stories of 2022
    • December 20 2022

    ColoHouse breaks down the top 5 stories of 2022— From industry insights to success tips and more, our team identified which topics resonated with readers over the past year. Dive into this analysis for unique perspectives. How Does Colocation Support a Hybrid Cloud Strategy? Colocation ...

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  • 3 Benefits of Colocation Services
    • September 15 2022

    Today, businesses have more options than ever when it comes to managing their business's critical information. As technology continues to evolve, the question of how to best manage larger and larger amounts of data in a corporate setting has become increasingly common, and for many, colocation...

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  • Don’t Ignore the Security and Protection that Colocation Provides
    • August 9 2022

    Relying heavily on virtualized infrastructure doesn’t mean organizations can neglect physical access control. With IT environments becoming more complex and the larger cybersecurity narrative focusing on virtual environments, it’s easy for simple best practices to fall by the wayside. It’s a ...

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