How Does Colocation Support a Hybrid Cloud Strategy?

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    How Does Colocation Support a Hybrid Cloud Strategy?
    • February 3 2020

    Today’s economy requires a dynamic infrastructure with access to every service. Most businesses choose a mix of infrastructure hosting solutions that may include integrated public cloud, on-premises data centers, and colocation deployments — also known as the hybrid cloud.

    To benefit from the best of all worlds it’s critical to know why colocation continues to play a central role in hybrid cloud platforms. Even with the increasing popularity of the cloud, businesses are making colocation an integral part of their IT-infrastructure. Colocation allows businesses to deploy custom owned infrastructure, over which they have complete control, into a data center without the expense of building and managing a data center in-house.

    What are the benefits of colocation?
    Utilizing cloud computing and colocation together can provide you a complete package that suits your IT needs. With the security and control of a dedicated on-premises infrastructure or private cloud and with the flexibility and scalability of the public cloud hybrid cloud provides the best of both worlds.

    The value of colocation is that it offers a flexible environment where you can build your solution to suit your financial and disaster recovery needs. Colocation allows you to take advantage of various carriers that a colocation provider offers. In addition to space and power, many colocation providers offer a variety of managed services. Also, many colocation providers offer cloud connectivity solutions that allow businesses to connect to the cloud. Additionally, you’ll retain a significant amount of control over the hardware that stores your data.

    Flexible environment
    The ongoing debate about colocation versus cloud is quite a misunderstanding as both colocation and the cloud can be deployed together as part of a hybrid cloud solution. Colocation can help businesses realize the many benefits of hybrid cloud, as it provides the best environment to ensure high-quality connectivity between on-premises infrastructure and private and public clouds. The security of colocation, combined with the flexibility and on-demand nature of cloud, allows business to be more responsive to changing business needs.

    Managed Services
    Besides space and power many colocation providers also offer managed services. Keeping up with the forever changing world of technology can be both challenging and time-consuming. ColoHouse managed services allow you to leverage our team of experts so your team can focus on your core business. Our engineers will build, maintain, monitor and secure your servers 24/7. ColoHouse will take care of infrastructure planning, building and maintenance.

    Business continuity
    Business continuity is essential for success and in managing the additional working parts of a company. Colocation allows businesses to have more control over the future of their business. By offloading unnecessary infrastructure tasks, colocation providers can work closely with businesses to create innovative services – and deploy them quickly. 

    ColoHouse Hybrid Colocation
    ColoHouse’s data centers offers the perfect mix of security and reliability paired with access to AWS or Microsoft Azure. Cloud connectivity gives you the opportunity to scale resources and our team of experts can guide you through the process of choosing, configuring and integrating your cloud system.

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