Introducing Our New Senior Vice President of Sales, Steve Rogers

ColoHouse is incredibly excited to welcome aboard our new Senior Vice President of Sales, Steve Rogers! Steve brings more than 17 years of experience in high-quality client services, revenue generation, and strategic partnership building.

Steve has a strong sales leadership background breaking into technology in 2005. Steve started his career in the MSO space and then transitioned to network sales leadership focusing on Global WAN architecture. Looking to round out his skillset, colocation and services proved to be the most challenging and rewarding career advancement while leading wholesale and hyper-scale organizations. Staying true to his core values Steve’s focus continues to be on the customer and employee experience, knowing that above all else, technology is a relationship business.

Q&A with Steve Rogers

How did you know ColoHouse was the right choice?

S: For me, ColoHouse stands out as an innovative colocation and service company that is easy to do business with. Of course, revenue, and new logo acquisitions are how any organization scales, but it’s all about the execution. ColoHouse is all about a highly educational and informative sales engagement process. As the subject matter experts, it’s up to us to come to the table presenting a comprehensive plan assembled by subject matter experts.

What projects are you most passionate about building at ColoHouse?

S: Within the revenue organization, I want to ensure we are providing solutions that scale. My passion aligns with the company’s passion for delivering an overwhelmingly positive customer experience. With many companies running lean on resources, I want to make sure we truly become an extension of our customers’ IT Department, and that we are viewed as a strategic partner, not simply another vendor.

What passions do you have within and outside of work?

S: I am a simple guy; I derive great joy and fulfillment from surrounding myself with exceptional people. At home, I am fortunate to have a beautiful supportive wife and two incredible children. At ColoHouse I am constantly in awe at the caliber of capable talent we have to support our customers. In a nutshell, my passion will always be people.

How do you see the industry evolving over the next few years?

S: It’s all about evolving and staying relevant as you identify trends. On the colocation side, we have seen density requirements increase while taking down less square footage on the data center floor. Couple that with increasing connectivity requirements, I feel as though we are positioned well for success as we offer a full host of custom high-density solutions. On the metal and services side, many have a desire to virtualize however they are hamstrung by their limited IT resources. This is where ColoHouse can shine, we approach every engagement as an opportunity to understand long-term goals and objectives. As a company, we provide resources and insight to facilitate and enable a cloud strategy regardless of resource limitations. It is why we are often called “the easiest partner to work with.

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