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Why Data Centers Are Important to Your Backup Strategy

Businesses of all sizes know access to data is critical for day-to-day workflow, collaboration, innovation, and customer service. Many businesses depend on their data and connectivity to manage these daily operations. Developing strategies to protect and backup  your data effectively have become a huge concern for businesses of all sizes.

Maximize Availability

Data backup is crucial for protecting business continuity. Data loss knows no boundaries; it happens to all types of businesses and can strike at any time with disastrous consequences. If your only backup is a laptop or hard drive and it is lost or stolen, your business data is gone. As a result, without data center backup, the downtime suffered from data loss can have a devastating effect on your bottom line.

Which data center option is best for your business?

Managing On-Premises / In-Office Equipment

The in-house data center / server room is just as it sounds – a facility that is designed, built, and operated by a business internally. This approach limits or omits involvement from a third party, who provides the space, power, cooling, and equipment necessary to sustain operations. In-house hosting typically requires a long-term commitment and investment. Larger organizations and those with companies already in the tech industry typically prefer this option. They prefer to work with their own experienced technical support team who knows and works specifically with their complex data center architecture.


A colocation data center is quite the opposite of an in-house data center. Colocation facilities are third party organizations that are multi-tenant accessible, meaning that multiple businesses of any size or industry may house their equipment within the data center. Customers can select from a variety of solutions to accommodate the specific requirements for their business. In a colocation environment, customers are still granted access to their equipment, but outsource facility/location, and, in some situations, support to the provider. Colocation data centers also offer power, cooling, security and 24-hour access, like in-house and other types of facilities.

Unlike an in-house server room, data centers deal with risk assessment and management every day and play a crucial role as the central point of access for data and essential business applications. Moving a business’s mission-critical data, IT resources or backup systems to a colocation data center is an attractive option for any business worried about business continuity.

Colocation Redundancy

In addition to being a cost-effective alternative, colocation provides businesses a secure, redundant environment in which to house their data. There are endless ways in which business critical information can be compromised. Office migration, power outages, security threats, mismanaged equipment, and natural disasters only scratch the surface – and as such, ensuring that data is stored in a protected environment with proactive support is essential.

Colocation providers will do everything in their power to ensure that their customers’ business operations are maintained. Most data center facilities provide 24/7 onsite support availability, which is especially convenient for situations that require immediate attention.

Additionally, data center facilities will have multiple generators and mechanical systems in place to backup data to guarantee that services are not interrupted, no matter the circumstance. The support staff regularly tests and monitors these systems, investing the time and energy necessary to ensure 100% uptime for business operations. Supporting customer needs is the NUMBER ONE priority of a data center facility. Overseeing all these measures internally could prove to be time-consuming for businesses and presents the risk of stalling business operations if not properly executed.

Protect Critical Data

It’s better to stay one step ahead, especially in today’s data-driven world. All businesses rely on technology to connect with customers, provide services, manage partners, and distribute and exchange data worldwide. With a backup solution along with a full business continuity and disaster recovery plan, you can mitigate threats to your data.

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