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Beat the Heat: Keeping the Data Center Cool

Temperatures are finally beginning to heat up as we head into summer. While most of us are preparing for the summer – for data center facilities, the summer comes with a few challenges. Too much hot air circulating in a data center can cause equipment to overheat and malfunction. Data center cooling can be done in variety of ways, depending on the location and the local climate. How do we manage to keep our data centers cool?

Stay on Top of Cooling System Maintenance

In order to be prepared for any risk that may arise in the data center, regular inspection and maintenance of cooling systems are required. This helps us identify risks or failures and prevent unplanned downtime – by keeping track of temperature and humidity while making any necessary changes to protect customers’ mission-critical data. Staying up to date on cooling technologies is advised, as it is important to invest in new cooling technologies to protect equipment and increase its performance.

Airflow Delivery

At ColoHouse we deploy our colocation cabinets in hot and cold aisle configurations – so that hot exhaust air and cold intake air remain isolated from one another. Hot and cold aisle delivery is designed for optimum efficiency – and so your IT hardware is always functioning at its best.

Cooling Redundancy

Managing data center cooling is a central part of our 100% uptime service level standards. Our cooling is designed and built utilizing N+1 cooling systems. With plenty of cooling capacity at each facility and diligent maintenance standards, our experts ensure your equipment operates successfully.

At ColoHouse we have taken proper measures to keep our cooling in top condition. Our goal is to support you and your business by providing solid infrastructure and services. To get more information about our data centers. Please contact us on +1 305-731-2225 or email us at

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