Reasons to Choose Data Center Colocation in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Reasons to Choose Data Center Colocation in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • January 13 2020

    In the last couple of years, The Netherlands has grown into a leading country for digital infrastructure. With a leading position in internet exchanges, colocation and hosting, The Amsterdam colocation market is one of the most developed which makes The Netherlands an attractive solution for those seeking a key European Base.

    Today’s data centers are transforming so that they meet new needs in a more distributed and efficient way and are no longer just a collection of physical assets. In addition to space and power, the physical location needs to offer a highly connected infrastructure, with access to strong connectivity hubs so that data centers can deliver and receive data between networks, businesses, internet exchanges and end-users.

    Leading digital infrastructure
    The Netherlands fast and reliable digital infrastructure offers businesses access to Europe and beyond. Amsterdam is where it all started over 25 years ago. The capital of the Netherlands is the heart of the AMS-IX which stands for Amsterdam Internet Exchange, one of the world’s leading internet exchanges point. AMS-IX is not available in the Hague, Rotterdam or other ‘’well-connected’’ cities in the Netherlands, only through partners like ColoHouse. The ColoHouse network is connected to the largest internet exchange points in the world including AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX and Netnod.

    Colocation in Amsterdam

    Considered as one of the most connected cities worldwide and one of the fastest growing tech hubs in Europe – Amsterdam, a major European data center hub. The Netherlands, and in particular Amsterdam is the fourth biggest data center hub in Europe with 30% of all most advanced data centers in Europe.

    Although Amsterdam is a major European data center hub, two municipal authorities announced in July 2019 to pause issuing permits for new data centers, concerned about the sector’s hunger for land and electricity. In order to keep a leading position, expansion is required, and the region South-Holland offers that space – as Rotterdam-The Hague is slowly developing as the second digital hub in the Netherlands. ColoHouse has its European headquarters in The Hague / Amsterdam. Our colocation and data center facility in The Hague / Amsterdam is directly connected to our redundant MPLS network that spans to various locations both in- and outside of The Netherlands.

    ColoHouse data centers
    To get more information about our data center The Hague / Amsterdam colocation facility or if you are interested in visiting our data center, schedule a tour now via +31 (0)88 2700 200 or use our contact form.

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