Top Reasons to Choose Data Center Colocation in Amsterdam

The Netherlands has grown into a leading country for digital infrastructure. With a leading position in internet exchanges, colocation and hosting, The Amsterdam colocation market is one of the most developed, which makes The Netherlands an attractive solution for those seeking a key European Base.

Why Amsterdam?

Europe has five major data center markets which include the cities of Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris. These cities are the primary markets for new data center deployments and are referred to as the “FLAP” data center markets. The European data center market is growing rapidly as companies expand their reliance on cloud computing.

Leading digital infrastructure

Amsterdam remains one of the most connected cities in the EU and serves as the digital gateway to Europe. It is also home to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), which is one of the largest internet exchanges in the world. With the city’s leading internet exchange, AMS-IX and transatlantic fiber optic connections, Amsterdam has established an interconnection-rich ecosystem of data center providers and is one of the most connected cities worldwide.

Rotterdam / The Hague

Although Amsterdam is a major European data center hub, The Rotterdam–The Hague metropolitan area has the potential to grow into a major tech hub. Several large technology companies are already established in this region and unlike Amsterdam, there are no restrictions to facilitate rapid growth.

AMS-IX recently announced that it’s expanding its data center footprint in the Netherlands with two new locations in The Rotterdam–The Hague region. The AMS-IX expansion further enhances the Netherlands’ expansive and reliable data connectivity.

Colocation in Amsterdam

ColoHouse’s Amsterdam colocation data center facilities offer you a footprint in one of the most connected cities in the world. Our presence in Amsterdam is only strengthened by our network of data centers with our flagship data center facility in The Hague. Our data center in The Hague is directly connected to our redundant MPLS network that spans to various locations both in- and outside of The Netherlands.

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