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Why Do You Need a Network Neutral Solution?

If you are opting for a datacenter, you have researched the power supply, cooling and security. But what about carrier neutrality? When opting for a datacenter, there is one question that should not be forgotten: Is the datacenter carrier neutral?

A carrier-neutral datacenter, also known as a network-neutral datacenter, is a datacenter facility that is completely independent of network providers and is connected to many different carriers. This way you have options when it comes to interconnectivity services and can find a solution that meet your specific needs.

Why do you need a network neutral solution?

Choosing a carrier-neutral data center for your servers is important for three reasons:

1. Flexibility
By outsourcing to a carrier neutral datacenter, you will be able to select from different carriers who are competing for your business. One the most important benefits of a carrier neutral datacenter is more options and flexibility in the design of your network. You decide which network suits your business best. If you are unsatisfied with you current carrier, the option to switch to a different carrier is available at any time. Make sure you ask your datacenter how quickly they can make that switch for you.

2. Redundancy
You have the capability of having multiple carriers connected to your business network. In the event of an outage or failure of one carrier, you can rely on another carrier for connectivity so that your mission critical systems will stay up-and running.

3. Cost saving
Last, but not the least, an important factor of a network neutral solution is cost saving. Migrating to another datacenter can be costly, meaning that you will probably pay more for bandwidth in a carrier special facility over time. A carrier neutral datacenter isn’t limited to one service provider – the larger number of competitors causes competitive prices. If you are opting for a carrier neutral datacenter, make sure to ask your datacenter how many carrier options are available.

At ColoHouse we offer you the freedom and flexibility of hosting within a carrier neutral infrastructure. With over 20+ carriers in-house, we help you customize your connectivity needs to best fit your business. We work hard to support the network requirements of our global customer base.

To get more information about available network carriers, please contact us on +1 305-731-2225 or use our contact form. Our team is happy to discuss your situation and requirements to help you get the best solution for your business.

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