Core Network Upgrade

ColoHouse will be upgrading its network by replacing all our core network infrastructure. The upgrade is expected to be completed by late 2021.

Key benefits

  • The new core network routers feature higher performance, reliability, scalability, and capabilities.
  • More network ports will be available, providing network redundancy and increased network capacity.
  • Higher bandwidth capacity will be available and will allow for growth of the network.
  • Next-generation networking support will provide better insight and automation.

The upgrade will include a robust set of security and quality-of-services features to build a highly trusted network that meets your ever-changing business needs. Upgrading our network infrastructure will allow us to provide enough switching capacity to meet the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications today and in the future.

Global Network Solutions

At each of our locations, our network connects with local carriers and internet exchanges that offer direct access to local routes. Our network benefits from some of the most prestigious routes and offers excellent latency to destinations worldwide. Our network solutions are now available in Orangeburg, New York at 1 Ramland Road and at The Pittock Block in Portland, Oregon – a premier telecommunications Internet Exchange for the West Coast and at other 1547 CSR locations.

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