Reliable Redundancy.

Our data centers provide our customers redundancy and peace of mind when choosing ColoHouse as their colocation data center provider.

1. Colocation in two geographically separate locations

2. Independent power-grids

3. Dark fiber between both data centers

4. Free transport between locations

5. Use 1 IP simultaneously at two locations


By having access to many service providers, our customers are able to exhibit a strong presence both domestically and worldwide, and in turn, they are able to expand their customer base and enhance business operations.


The flexibility of an interconnected data center allows providers to continually improve their services and offerings in order to meet our customers’ expectations. Interconnected providers are able to establish a solid IT infrastructure that can be scaled indefinitely, and can accommodate the consumer demand for flexible, cost-efficient growth.


By offering the ability to choose from multiple carrier options, our customers are able to cultivate one of the most critical components of the purchasing journey – choice. Our carrier-neutral data centers are not confined to any one service provider, and as such are able to provide the diversity and flexibility to cater to each unique business’ goals.


All of our data centers are located to provide efficient and reliable data center interconnection. Our High-performance interconnectivity and access to quality networks give our customers the flexibility to find the appropriate carriers to meet their unique business’ needs.

Powerful Solutions to Support Your IT Infrastructure.
Your Business. Your Choice.
Reliable infrastructure. Geographically diverse.
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