Security Solutions Designed to Keep Your Data Safe.

Our data center security processes and procedures for security are maintained through the use of six-layer security protocol, cutting-edge data center technology and highly-trained security.

6-Layer Security
ColoHouse is protected 24/7 with on-site guards. Key card access is needed to enter the building, further protected by secure lobby and anti-tailgating elevator entrances – as well as biometric data center access, combination cabinet access and cage access by key.

Surveillance & Records
In addition to security personnel, ColoHouse monitors all activity – perimeter and interior, utilizing CCTV surveillance. Footage is digitally stored for at least 45 days. Additionally, ColoHouse monitors everyone that comes in and out of our facilities. Data Center Access Lists are audited regularly.

We control all data center facility entries and exits with multiple layers of key card access and biometric fingerprint scanners. Password-protected access is required for both physical colocation space and our web-portal.

Fire Suppression
ColoHouse’s colocation facilities utilize a dual-alarmed dry-pipe fire suppression system, which is multi-zone, pre-action. This ensures contained suppression in the event an incident occurs.

Compliance Standards
ColoHouse is committed to operating facilities that meet the rigorous compliance needs of businesses internationally. From SMBs to global corporations, we undergo annual, independent, and in-depth audits of our control activities – including data center standards such as SOC 2 and PCI DSS.

Hardened Measures
ColoHouse provides further data center security to customers through the use of secure man-traps, shipping and loading areas.

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