Blog header: Does it matter where my datacenter is physical located?

Does It Matter Where My Data Center Is Physically Located?

We have all heard the top 3 rules of real estate: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! But did you know that it’s just as crucial for data centers? Where data is stored is important for many reasons. Choosing a solely on price or convenience alone without knowing where servers are physically located may put you in a situation where “you get what you pay for”. In this blog, we will share three important factors you should keep in mind.   

Reliability matters

Wherever you are, reliability matters. Providing reliable service is critical because even a brief outage could have serious consequences for your business. Power is one of the crucial factors that can be highly influenced by the physical location of your data center’s servers. Make sure you lookout for a data center with redundant power supplies, a power system with UPS, and a backup unit in case of an emergency.

An example of this is during a natural disaster, is your data center on a priority power grid that needs to be up and running right away?

Connections to the outside world

Limited connectivity access could have an impact on the availability of your services. If you don’t have access to your data, you simply can’t function. Finding a reliable data center that has access to several network providers should be a top priority when considering a location.

During the Bitcoin miner boom, people would be inquiring in top metropolitan areas to host their miners. Places like Miami, New York and Los Angeles are major connectivity points to Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Because miners just needed basic internet access and a ton of power, it was better to host them in a data center where power was cheap and access to 100s of carries was not necessary.

Security first

One of the most important factors to consider a data center or colocation space is for security purposes. The physical security of the data center is crucial for keeping your critical data within the data center safe.

Ask your data center if they keep a record of those who enter the facility and how access to critical areas are restricted, to ensure only authorized individuals can gain access to the data center itself.

Choosing a data center in a good location not only provides advantages but more importantly, it prevents major risks for your business down the road. At ColoHouse, our data centers are located to provide efficient and reliable data center interconnection. Our high-performance interconnectivity and access to quality networks give our customers the flexibility to find the appropriate carriers to meet their unique business needs.

If you’re interested in moving into a secure, reliable environment, our team can help. Please contact us at or +1 305-731-2225. Our experts are happy to think along with you!

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