Everything You Need to Know About Data Center Connectivity

In a world that is ever-changing, high-speed and reliable Internet access is crucial, wherever we are. Internet connectivity is the foundation to the connected world and one of the most important aspects of a data center. A data center succeeds or fails on the strength of its interconnect options. Connectivity is key and here is why.

Why data center connectivity matters?

Today, businesses create value by connecting to customers, services, and partners to manage, distribute and exchange data worldwide. Connectivity is an essential factor that enables productivity and drives customer satisfaction. You rely on your business’ internet connection to give you access to digital resources you require to collaborate effectively with your team. Limited connectivity access could have an impact on the availability of your services. A reliable colocation data center with access to several network providers should be a top priority when considering a new location.

When evaluating a colocation facility, there are several questions you should ask about its interconnectivity options. Key questions to ask include:

  • Is the location of the data center strategically beneficial to your business?
  • Which network providers does the data center offer?
  • How is the data center interconnected on a metro, regional, national, and global scale?
    • Do your IT needs require your data center provider to have a global footprint?

Is the data center facility carrier neutral?

Most datacenters will offer bandwidth connectivity to a range of network providers. Carrier-neutral data centers offer direct access to a variety of providers, allowing you to leverage quality options for low latency and high-performance – helping further improve operational efficiencies. The quality differential can mean the difference in application uptime in the event of network failure. The importance of a carrier neutral facility allows you the flexibility to change bandwidth provider with minimal downtime to meet your needs without having to move your infrastructure.

Cross-connects in the data center

Another key question to include when evaluating a data center facility is: Does the data center facility offer cross-connections? Cross-connects are physical cables that connect separate unites of the facilities within a data center. The intention of this connectivity solution is to create a more robust and diverse network. 

Data center infrastructure

Data is one of the most important aspects when running business operations. It is the one place to store, process, and distribute mission critical data. Data centers have the resources to build, deploy, and maintain the infrastructure that is needed to properly host and maintain large amounts of data. Data centers do not only provide the best equipment for storing data, but they also deploy the best support systems for providing power, bandwidth, cooling, and redundancy within a single plan. Implementing these resources in-house could quickly exceed your company’s internal IT budget. Many businesses do not have the time or money to devote to implementing and maintaining such complex hardware and systems. Colocation allows you to house your servers within the protected environment allocated by the data center facility. Benefit from the optimized infrastructure for your business needs and focus on your core business.

ColoHouse connectivity
With over 20+ carriers in-house, we help you customize your connectivity needs to best fit your business. Our data centers has access to premium carriers and our own house blended bandwidth provides additional redundancy. Contact us today at +1 305-731-2225 or use our contact form to learn how ColoHouse connectivity can help your business.  

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