Hurricane Season

How To Prepare Your Business for the 2021 Hurricane Season

Hurricane season extends from June 1st to November 30th. With NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center anticipating above-normal activity in the Atlantic this season and the ongoing challenges of COVID, now is the time to prepare your business for the 2021 hurricane season. Fortunately, the predictability of hurricane season allows business owners time to prepare.

Protecting your digital assets and backups for business continuity

Many companies have reevaluated their approach to how they conduct their business due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. In the wake of the shift to work from home in 2020, many businesses are better prepared for their employees to work remotely.

Creating and properly executing a comprehensive IT infrastructure with redundant business continuity is the most important step to ensure you can “keep the lights on”.

Hurricane readiness checklist for businesses

Before developing a hurricane preparedness plan, you first need to assess what is truly important to keep operations running.

► Do you have certain industry requirements for your business: security, compliance standards, etc.? 

► Who is currently managing your IT infrastructure? 

► Do you have multiple offices or locations you need to connect? 

► Does your company need to be accessible to your customer base 24/7?

► Do customers need 24/7 access to your office?

► How do your employees access mission-critical data, client files, or documents?

► How much are you spending or would like to spend to guarantee business continuity? 

► Post-hurricane: would you still be able to access your data? 

► How quickly can your team or your IT staff access your infrastructure? 

► Do you have all your data backed up securely?

Backup Your Data

Make sure your data is secured off-site. Unlike your office server room, data centers deal with risk assessment and management every day and play a crucial role as the central point of access for data and essential business applications. Moving a business’s mission-critical data, IT resources or backup systems to a colocation data center is an attractive option for any business worried about business continuity if they are not able to access their servers. 

Is your business ready for hurricane season?

Download our Business Hurricane Preparedness Checklist. This Hurricane Preparedness Checklist will help aid your business continuity plans in all aspects of your business from your employees and  customers, to data backups, and building infrastructure.

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