How To Prevent a DDoS Attack This Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Protecting your business has never been more important, especially when Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner- known as one of the busiest (online) shopping days of the year. Business owners should be prepared for potential DDoS attacks as cybercriminals could exploit this busy period into their advantage. 

Businesses are more aware of website downtime and it’s the effect on sales. DDoS attacks increase around Black Friday and Cyber Monday as Link11’s Security Operations Centre saw DDoS attacks increase by over 70% compared with other days in November 2019.

What is a DDoS attack

A DDoS attack is an attempt to make an online service, network, or application unstable or even worse, unavailable. Such an attack is caused by overwhelming the server with a lot of traffic to a single system that it becomes overloaded. In order to achieve this, botnets are often used. Botnets can be seen as a collection of infected software robots who can operate automatically and independently.

DDoS attacks degrade the performance and availability of your network and the impacts can be huge. Websites and internet services become unavailable for a period of time which can lead to financial damage. Once your website becomes unavailable, no legitimate traffic can get through your website and you may experience sales losses.

How to know if you are under attack?

Typically, your network is unusually slow and certain websites are not available. Your servers experience extremely high load-level. ColoHouse’s DDoS whitepaper, “Is Your Business Safe from A DDoS Attack?” provides you tips to identify and mitigate a DDoS attack:

How can you protect your business and your customers?

Having a DDoS mitigation solution in place is always the best defense against cyberattacks. Ideally, you want to detect, identify, and mitigate DDoS attacks before they reach their target.

ColoHouse’s DDoS protection services offer you high-performance protection against DDoS attacks. The Scrubbing as a Service model allows the quick identification of an attack as it comes in and reroutes it to the mitigation platform to start cleaning up your traffic in a matter of seconds. Additionally, ColoHouse’s solution supports real-time monitoring, proactive reporting, and automated filtering.

Make sure you’re protected not only during Black Friday & Cyber Monday but on any other days as well. It’s crucial to stay one step ahead when it comes to data protection—your employees, vendors, and customers will thank you for it. To learn more about our DDoS protection offering, please call us at 888-790-2656 or

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