Is Colocation Right For Your Business?

Colocation and data centers can offer growing businesses many scalable and cost-effective benefits. When considering a data center, you should be looking for 4 key features that will allow for your expanding business –whether that’s now or in the future-including:

• Business Scalability

• Security

• Compliance and Maintenance

• Disaster / Emergency Recovery

Business Scalability (Space, Power, Cooling, Investments)

Creating a suitable environment for your servers in-house is an extremely costly investment. Proper power supply, cooling requirements, professional support and maintenance, and necessary levels of connectivity all lead to infrastructure cost increase across the board. Additionally, growing out of your existing space could lead to future scalability issues for your business.

Colocation facilities take care of those items for you. Colocation sites are equipped to manage all your power, cooling and connectivity requirements. When considering costs, all those infrastructure purchases* and maintenance is included in your colocation price. There are no additional costs to the customer for updating and maintaining the data centers equipment.

Additionally, if you are considering moving your servers off-site, find out what their business expansion options are. Is there room for your business to grow, can you pre-purchase space, can I add more power if I need to? Making sure you get “Yes” to these questions if expansion and scalability are important.

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With the scalability and reliability inherent in a multi-tenant data center, SMB’s, as well as enterprises, can quickly scale their infrastructure to accommodate new business projects and opportunities. By offloading unnecessary infrastructure tasks, IT can work closely with the business to create innovative services – and deploy them quickly.

See if your business can benefit from the many advantages of colocation!

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