Is DDoS Protection Still Needed?

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    Is DDoS Protection Still Needed?
    • July 18 2019

    DDoS attacks have become the number one thread to business continuity over recent years and unfortunately in 2019 – DDoS remains an ever-growing problem.

    Increase of DDoS attacks
    DDoS attacks are increasing not in only in complexity but also in size and duration. Figures from Kaspersky Lab’s DDoS Q1 2019  show that in the first quarter of 2019, the number of DDoS attacks increased by 84%, compared with Q4 2018. In addtion to the amount of attacks, they are also lasting longer. The number of DDoS attacks that lasted for more than an hour doubled in quantity, and their average length increased by 487%.

    DDoS attacks are evolving
    Like other cybersecurity threats, DDoS attacks are continuously evolving as cybercriminals perfect their DDoS attacks. Technology keeps moving forward and of course cyber criminals try to perfect their DDoS attacks and eventually integrate new technologies into attacks to perform longer attacks.

    DDoS Attacks may lead to brand reputation
    If the performance of your product depends on the availability of your server, DDoS attacks can disrupt your business operations, current users and can affect your bottom line. Once your website is under attack, no legitimate traffic can get through a website. This may provoke anger and frustration, potentially affecting your brand reputation and causing a loss of trust among your customers.

    Customers who have a bad experience might also share that experience with others, especially over social media. This means that even after the DDoS attack is resolved, the impact on your reputation can affect your sales for a long period of time.

    Having a DDoS mitigation solution in place is always the best defense against cyberattacks. Ideally, you want to detect, identify, and mitigate DDoS attacks before they reach their target.

    ColoHouse’s DDoS protection services offer you high-performance protection against DDoS attacks. The Scrubbing as a Service model allows the quick identification of an attack as it comes in and reroutes it to the mitigation platform to start cleaning up your traffic in a matter of seconds. Additionally, ColoHouse’s solution supports real-time monitoring, proactive reporting, and automated filtering.

    To learn more about DDoS protection offering, please call us at 888-790-2656 or ColoHouse’s DDoS whitepaper, “Is Your Business Safe from A DDoS Attack?” provides you tips to identify and mitigate a DDoS attack:

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