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Key Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Next Data Center Location

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Colocation can offer businesses many cost-effective benefits, including scalability, improved business continuity, as well as security and compliance. Learn the key factors to consider before choosing a colocation provider, as well as buying criteria to help you evaluate the features that are most important for your needs.

Physical Space


Is the location of the data center strategically beneficial to your business?
The physical location of the data center should complement your business. For example, many organizations choose colocation facilities located near their corporate headquarters or in close proximity to their strategic markets.

Data Center Footprint

Do your it needs require your data center provider need to have a global footprint?
Narrowing down your list of data center providers in a certain area is your 2nd step after determining the importance of its geographic location. Just like with retail store, there are Big Box Retailers vs. more boutique style shops. Colocation and data centers are no different. Here are some questions to consider internally before creating a list of potential locations to tour.

  • Does this vendor offer more than one location?
  • Do they include remote hands in their services or are there separate costs related?
  • Do I have direct access to technicians?
  • Where is the headquarters or main office?
  • Is there a large price difference between the two?


Does the provider offer multiple colocation space options?
A provider that offers fractional colocation cabinets (from 10U – 42U), as well as custom sized cages will be the most flexible in tailoring a colocation solution to your infrastructure needs. If you did need to expand, would your cabinets be within close proximity of one another? Would you be able to reserve additional cabinet space in advance? Additionally, ensure power offerings are also as flexible


How are the data center power systems configured?
Multiple, diverse utility power feeds to the facility – do they have multiple feeds? o Sufficient generator-driven backup capacity to managed prolonged power outages (N+1 on UPS & generator). o Sufficient onsite fuel storage and refill contracts to support generators in the event


Which network providers does the data center offer?
Most datacenters will offer bandwidth connectivity to a range of network providers. Carrier-neutral data centers offer direct access to a variety of providers, allowing clients to leverage several options for low latency, high-performing networks – helping further improve operational efficiencies. The quality differential also means the difference in application uptime in the event of network failure. The importance of a carrier neutral facility allows the flexibility to change bandwidth provider, with minimal downtime, to meet your level of satisfaction without having to move your infrastructure to another facility with your desired new carrier.  


If my business needs to expand, how does the colocation adapt to your growing business requirements?
When your business is growing, the last thing you need to worry about is if your colocation provider has the capacity, in both space and power, to expand alongside your business. When considering a colocation provider, ask for how they address business expansions and if any of their customers have expanded and how. Do they offer support and consulting services to make sure your business needs are addressed from the initial setup? Ask to speak with their operations team, technicians, and engineers to ensure a seamless transition.

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Is your business ready for colocation?

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