How To Prevent an Outage? The Answer is Redundancy

Redundancy is generally viewed as something unnecessary. But when it comes to technology or dedicated hosting, redundancy is not only necessary, it is essential. It has a totally different meaning in web hosting where it means backup in practical terms. This week, in Microsoft’s case, severe weather was what ultimately caused their Azure Cloud outage—reminding us all of the importance of always having a business continuity action plan in place. Click here to read more about the outage.

Having a redundant action plan means your IT infrastructure is hosted both in a primary and backup facility or cloud space with redundancies in place to keep your servers up and running in even the most extreme conditions. When you decide to go with redundant hosting, the main reason you do it, is likely because you want a reliable server that you don’t have to worry about being down by heavy traffic or poor connectivity issues.

A colocation/cloud hybrid model is worth considering in order to avoid future outages. ColoHouse is configured to deliver redundant power if a critical incident occurs so that operations are uninterrupted and your business applications remain online.

How can your business use redundancy for reliable, flexible and high-performance operations? If you need help assessing the options for your business, our experts are happy help!

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