Netrouting Network

ColoHouse is powered by the Netrouting Network

In 2018, ColoHouse acquired colocation and managed services company, Netrouting based in The Netherlands.

Netrouting’s backbone is active under Autonomous System Number (ASN) 47869. Our TIER1-powered network services are directly available on two continents at over fifteen data centers. Netrouting is connected to the largest Internet Exchange Points of the world: AMS-IX (official partner), DE-CIX and LINX.

Proud Members of RIPE NCC & ARIN

The Netrouting Network

 High-Speed Internet Connectivity

 Cloud Options

 Access to 40+ Peering Exchanges

 Managed Services

 DDoS Protection

 14+ Locations World-Wide

Quality and Performance

For our core infrastructure, we utilize renowned brands like Juniper and Brocade. We use modular network equipment and choose strategic locations worldwide. Because of this, we can not only guarantee the best availability of our network, but also make it more scalable and robust.

Thanks to pro-active management, both within and outside of our network, we are able to respond and act quickly on issues – most of the time, even before they play out. Our Network Operations Center is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the quality, stability and availability of our network.

With this premium infrastructure we offer you a blazing fast and reliable internet connection that you can expect from an Internet Service Provider.

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