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Part 2: How Hurricane Ready is your Business? – Focus on Securing your business assets

Stay tuned for part 3 focusing on Securing your business assets (buildings and other infrastructures) next week. Click here to read Part 1: Focus on Pre Hurricane Season

Your office is the “heart” of your business; it is home base. Employees  should feel a sense of security knowing they have somewhere to come back to as well as customers relying on your services once the storm clears.

Not all businesses have the same office space needs. A storefront retailer has very different needs than a 300+ employee software company or a law firm in a skyrise. Here are some questions you should ask based on your type of office space:

Lease Office Building Space

► Does your building have a generator?
► How soon can you and your employees access the building after a hurricane?
► Can essential personnel stay onsite during a hurricane?
► Can employees leave their personal cars at the office / office parking garage?

Leased Store Front / Leased  Stand-Alone Building Space

► Does your building manager or landlord provide any supplies to protect your storefront?
► Sandbags
► Shutters
► Do they have a generator, or can you provide one yourself?
► Are there any possible objects that could go airborne that the landlord would be responsible for securing?

Owned  Stand-Alone Building

► Are all items around your building secure?
► Are the windows and doors hurricane impact?
► Do you have a place to store sandbags ahead of time?
► Should you consider a generator?
► If you already have a generator, how often is it maintained? Do you have a reliable fuel source in case of a natural disaster?

Do you have company vehicles?

Be sure to pre-plan where your vehicles could be stored.

Regardless of the type of office building structure, be sure to compile all relevant documents and contacts in case there are damages. This will allow for immediate follow up with appropriate parties to guarantee your office is back up and running as fast as possible.

►Create digital and hard copies of all your building/office contracts and paperwork:
►Lease Agreements / Deeds
►Utility Contacts 
►Create a point of contact for all crucial building contracts to check in with should your office be structurally damaged.

To Download our full Business Hurricane Preparedness Checklist: click here.

Is your business ready for Hurricane Season?
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