Hurricane Season

Part 4: How Hurricane Ready is your Business? – Focus on Developing a Pre-Hurricane, Active Hurricane, and Post-Hurricane Plan for Employees

Stay tuned for part 5 focusing customer communication strategy next week. Click here to read Part 3: Focus on protecting your digital assets and backups for business continuity

During times of uncertainty, being able to provide peace of mind for your employees is vital. How would your team communicate when an active hurricane is heading toward your business?

Are Your Employees Ready for Hurricane Season?

► Update your organizational and assign main points of contacts.

► Create a leadership/Hurricane team communication channel in which all management can distribute the information to their teams.

► Systems like Slack or WhatsApp are great options as email alternatives. Group chats for management and teams can be created easily.

► Essential team members should have access to land line telephones that are not internet or cellphone data dependent.

► Update all employees’ personal contact information (see sheet attached). Doing this annually is an easy way to always have the most updated information.

► Schedule a hurricane readiness meeting early in June to discuss all processes and procedures

► Assign duties discussed in this guide to complete over the next 30 days to be as ready as possible.

Employee Timeline During Hurricane Season

Potential Hurricane

► Potential Hurricane

► Review of all checklists and plans. 

Hurricane Watch

► Essential Staff required to remain on-site during a hurricane are sent home to prepare as necessary.

► Once essential employees return, all non-essential employees can make proper preparations.

► Secure all outdoor items.  

Hurricane Warning

► All non-essential employees are sent to work from home until the hurricane passes. Employees should be prepared to work from home until notified to return to the office.


► Check-in with all employees regarding safety and next steps.

► Assess damage to building and report back to management.

► Review IT infrastructure to ensure business continuity.

► Leadership decides when it is safe for employees to return to the office.

Some businesses require employees to stay onsite for emergency business needs. It is critical to consider the safety of these employees

See our checklist of items to have in the office.

Is your business ready for Hurricane Season?
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