One Connection, Unlimited Possibilities.

 ColoHouse is powered by ColoHouse Connect.

ColoHouse is closely working together with the major Internet Exchanges Worldwide to provide efficient point-to-point connectivity for our customers.

ColoHouse has access to over 40+ internet exchanges across its global network.

Internet Exchange Benefits


With just one connection, you have access to hundreds of network members.


Share traffic while minimizing costs and increasing network performance.


ColoHouse can offer port speeds ranging from 1G to 100G.

Transparent access with our Internet Exchange services

ColoHouse has partnered up with various major Internet Exchanges. As a ColoHouse customer, you will have direct access to the peering lan, offering peer to peer connections to hundreds of members on a platform that exchanges terabits of traffic per second.

How does it work?

ColoHouse has a partner port connected directly to the peering LAN. Customers are assigned a unique VLAN id, deployed on a separate circuit to your rack at a ColoHouse data center or connectivity hub.

Internet exchange port capacities

Our peering exchange port capacities allow your business to customize a package that can fit your business needs today and business expansions tomorrow.

Access to over 500+ Global Members

Need access to a specific exchange?

ColoHouse has access to over 30+ unique peering exchanges worldwide.
Evolving to meet your demands, anywhere.
ColoHouse is powered by ColoHouse Connect.
Reliable infrastructure. Geographically diverse.
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