Recap: OpenStack Summit Berlin 2018

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    Recap: OpenStack Summit Berlin 2018
    • December 10 2018

    The summit in Berlin was a great success with thousands of stackers attending from 63 different countries.

    At ColoHouse we’ve been actively working on expanding the integration of OpenStack in the fundamentals of our services. As an OpenStack enthusiast myself, I thought it was exciting to see how this community is constantly growing and how people contribute within their own areas of expertise to create, update and manage the set of software tools collectively known as OpenStack, a product that enables building and management of cloud computing platforms.

    I arrived at my hotel late Monday night, just in time to get a good night’s sleep and hit the conference first thing in the morning.

    Among the summit’s keynotes there were some interesting new developments. AT&T presented a 5G demo based on OpenStack Airship and OVH demonstrated how their integration of OpenStack powers more than 260.000 instances on their network at this time.

    ColoHouse leverages the OpenStack technology in several ways. We’ve put key elements of the open infrastructure such as the Nova Compute engine and Cinder Block storage in production for our public cloud services, but are also actively working on implementing load balancing, container, and private cloud services.

    Octavia and Ironic project
    During the summit, updates were given on the various different projects. My main interest went out to updates on the Octavia and Ironic project.

    Octavia offers load balancing as a service functionality for OpenStack. During their project update they announced UDP support and the opportunity to add backup members to a pool of load balancers. I am excited to see the implementation of these new features, but also the support and rapid development cycle, clearly demonstrating how this project is further maturing and suitable for production use.

    Ironic has been a project we’ve been closely monitoring as a potential candidate for our automated bare metal deployment services of ColoHouse dedicated servers. Their plans for the next release cycle among other things include support for altering bios settings and boot from url options. We’ll be actively working on further evaluating Ironic and implementation of its functionality in our cloud based services.

    As we move into 2019, keep an eye out on new developments of OpenStack at ColoHouse. Our team has been actively working on a new release of public and private cloud services at several of our core locations. If you’re interested in learning more about our cloud services, contact us at

    Savvas Bout
    CTO, ColoHouse

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