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How ColoHouse Remote Hands Can Help You

Remote hands is a professional technical assistance service performed 24/7 by ColoHouse support technicians. We quickly respond to emergencies, improve equipment uptime and reduce the cost of infrastructure management.

We consider each customer a business partner. Our goal is to support you and your business by providing solid infrastructure and services.

Common tasks performed include cable termination and moving, securing or swapping your existing cabling.

Rack & Stack
Tasks such as installing equipment, moving or discarding boxes or hardware – and cleaning of your colocation space can be performed.

ColoHouse technicians perform troubleshooting, verify device status or “heartbeat checks”, swap equipment, plug-in serial cables and more.

Functions may range from circuit testing and diagnostics to circuit migrations, IP assignment, signal checks and cable swaps.

Customer-authorized vendors and consultants can be escorted to and from your colocation space – and monitored until completion. ColoHouse technicians also assist with access requests and lockouts.

Inventory & Auditing
Tasks may include full or partial space audits, labeling, photographing colocation space, tracing cross-connects or verifying power consumption.

Media Management
ColoHouse will swap tapes, storage media or removable media as well as replace hard drives and burn CD’s.

Shipping & Receiving
Packing, labeling, unpacking and inventory of boxes and equipment can be performed your at request.

Storage & Material Management
Technicians will confirm package receipt, place or install shipped equipment in your colocation space – or store your packages in our loading unit.

Contacting Our Technicians
24/7 availability by phone, email or web-based Customer Portal.

Our goal is to be an extension of your staff, whether you are unable to be physically present at the colocation facility, or you are on-site overseeing the work performed.
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