Scott Fuhriman, SVP of Cloud Services of ColoHouse Presents Beyond the Basics: Cutting Through Cybersecurity Fluff Webinar

ColoHouse, a worldwide retail colocation, cloud, and managed services provider with 26 locations in 21 cities across North America, Europe and Asia joined TMCnet in presenting the “Beyond the Basics: Cutting Through Cybersecurity Fluff” Webinar on Thursday, June 16th, 2022. Scott Fuhriman, SVP of Cloud Services at ColoHouse joined Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director of TMCnet, to explore beyond the basics of cybersecurity and discuss how to reduce the impact of security breaches. With Scott’s expertise in the technology field and background in cybersecurity, he explains what businesses can do to limit their exposure and risk.

In today’s reality, a business is only as good as its cybersecurity. Scott examines what is missed and overlooked in the value that security can bring to an organization by clarifying a couple of myths. With the many common myths out there, Scott emphasizes the importance of staying alert, ready and engaged to respond to the cybersecurity needs of your organization. Scott further discusses the three key elements that provide value towards your organization’s cybersecurity including:

  1. Identifying and reducing risk affordably
  2. People, Process, Technology
  3. Defense-In-Depth and the Zero-Trust Strategy.

Scott discusses the reality that cybersecurity is not just about the implementation of technology and products to place in your environment but emphasizes, “The technology and products are only as good as the training and skill of the people behind the products.”

During the webinar, Scott and Erik illustrate what a security breach looks like and what the outcomes are for an organization. Going behind the bare minimum basics of having a current generation perimeter firewall, anti-spam and anti-malware on every asset, Scott recommends three items of value:

  1. Raise cybersecurity awareness
  2. Protect access to your critical assets
  3. Protect your sensitive data

Learn the security values that are missed that create gaps in the IT security practices of organizations of all sizes. Uncover the reality of what business can face in the light of security breaches and learn how to protect yourself and businesses against cyber-attacks and reduce the impact of a security breach.

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