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  • Why is Data Center Security Important?
    Blog header: Why Is Data Center Security Important?
    • April 30 2019

    When selecting a data center partner, security is of one the most important features of any data center. After all, your mission-critical infrastructure will be housed within someone else’s facility. Today, securing the data center has never been more important. Data breaches and other cyberattac...

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  • Data Center Security Checklist: 10 Must Have Features
    • August 16 2017

    One of the top reasons most consider a data center or colocation space is for security purposes. Hosting your data on-site does have its advantages, however, the only security points between your data and the cleaning crew is probably a regular locked office door, if your last operations person reme...

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  • IT Security: Vendor Risk Management Checklist
    • January 25 2016

    Every organization—and every vendor—is unique. From your data center provider to your company’s wireless network, customized security questionnaires may be needed to assess specific IT security vulnerabilities. However, we suggest relying on the expertise of industry-accepted institutes as a s...

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