The Benefits of Cross-Connects in Data Centers

When you’re in the business of keeping things running smoothly, a stable connection is one thing that should always come first.

With several connectivity options out there, connectivity options can be both intriguing and confusing for those who are new to the world of data centers. Cross-connects are an excellent connectivity option among the batch.

What Are Cross-Connects?

For interconnects, the cross-connect is one of the most fundamental options. Cross-connects provide a direct, physical, and dedicated link between two networks: thus, delivering low latency, reliability, efficiency, and high security for the network and infrastructure. To visualize the simplicity of how a cross-connect works think of how fiber joins two endpoints in a colocation data center.

Colocation data centers provide an important meeting point for carriers, ISPs, and cloud platforms. As such customers can connect their IT infrastructure with a variety of partners to exchange traffic or access various services from the same location The data center is the focal point for hosting providers and customers alike. A carrier-neutral facility allows many different types of internet services to be provided, which means you can meet your bandwidth requirements without restrictions on what networks or companies provide services there.

Advantages of Cross-Connects

The benefits of utilizing a cross-connection include avoiding latency or congestion issues with public internet and providing consistent operation. Cross connects also offer faster speeds and more reliable connections than using just your provider’s network alone. Cross-connections offer a wide range of benefits to your business, including:

Low Latency

The direct connection removes parties from the chaos that exists within public bandwidth, thus allowing faster and more secure transmissions between parties.


Being removed from public chaos, the dedicated network becomes a reliable source with trusted uptime – often supported by the same SLA in your data center contract.


Quite possibly the safest route for network security. Since cross-connects are private with a direct link and authorization barriers, data travels in a highly guarded space.


Select from a variety of carriers and internet service providers – allowing freedom to get the exact service needed, and the flexibility to switch if you are unhappy with the service.


Directly connecting to service providers and carriers vs entrenching your network in a web of pieced-together connections delivers convenience and peace of mind.

ColoHouse offers connectivity to a large ecosystem of carriers, peering exchanges, and other customers in our colocation data center facilities, and through our MPLS. You get low latency, reliable and secure connections to meet the needs of your business and customers. Connect to our meet-me room, other data centers, and customers. Check out our connectivity solutions today!

Discover how ColoHouse can help you with your connectivity needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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