The Importance of a Hybrid Data Center Strategy

As technology advances, businesses are adopting infrastructures that help agility and improve efficiency. With the increase in global data center traffic, the nature of storage is changing as it’s become one of the most important assets to any business. 

How and where businesses store this their data has become more important than ever. The IT infrastructure must be able to scale with growth and continue to provide consistent levels of performance.

With speed and agility as the new business norm, the Cloud has become increasingly popular among businesses. However, with all the hype around the Cloud, not every workload or data belongs to the Cloud. Legacy, latency, inadequate resources and security are some reasons that can prevent businesses to move to the Cloud and require on-premise datacenter services.

A hybrid data center infrastructure brings together best of all worlds i.e., cloud, virtualization, hardware and colocation – and allows businesses to benefit from both on-premise and cloud solutions. Hybrid colocation help you leverage new technologies and are increasingly being recognized as an ideal solution to scalability and security.

With a hybrid data center, businesses can retain legacy infrastructure while reducing their expenses. Businesses can also reduce maintenance cost and move some of their application to the Cloud and maximize flexibility and ROI. To balance between cost and performance and returns, a Hybrid Data center approach is a great solution.

It’s critical to select the most reliable approach for your business. ColoHouse offers hybrid infrastructure, remote-IX access, and worldwide partner network. With strategically located datacenters in Miami, Florida and in The Netherlands in The Hague.

To get more information about our data centers and our solutions please contact us at or +1 305-731-2225. Our team is happy to discuss your situation and requirements to help you get the best solution for your business.

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